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Thursday, August 8, 2002 10:21 PM

Well left Kalmazoo Mi, at 8am and got at the park at 10:15, was a nice drive looks to be a nice day. Day don't start out good when you lock your keys in the car. I just forgot about it and decided to go in the park and have fun.

Well, i got my fastlane passes, and noticed many rides were posted to be "down" but opened by noonish. Kinda displeased that deja vu was only open 12-5.

Went to RB and got on, love this ride, and glad to have a fastlane pass cause the line went past where the "teacups" were, but new park just opened not to long ago. Give this ride 10/10.

Walked arond a little saw a line and asked whats this for and was for deja vu and remembered it open at 12 and asked what time it was and was only 11:20 so decieded to go elsewhere and ride other till its 12.

Got to V2, full cue, but got fastlane. got in row 2, didn't want 2 wait for front. Another good ride here. 10/10 while in line saw deja vu testing. First time seeing it work since last year when i was here the train wasn't on the track yet. Looked fun and couldn't wait.

After V2, deciede to goto deja vu, sign said 2 and a half hour wait and was like hope its worth it because im not leavin till i get on this. Well got to the station and not one delay, fast moving line i think, was surrprised because of what i read on hear about how it "breaks down" at times waited for front seat. And I got to say for my opinion this ride Kicks Ass, Loved it, its so intense. Very good ride 11/10.

As now I worry about my car, cause of my keys in the car. So went up to guest relations and they gave me a number to a lock smith. Very nice people, didn't even have to use a payphone to call. Got my keys out. only cost 35 to get them out. Now back to the park.

Got back in and headed to whizzer. Brings backs memories of my child hood. Not to long ago since im 20. But remember that ride is the only thing i would go on when i was little. Was nice relaxing ride 8/10. As getting off hearing kids saying "i want to go on it again mommy" jumping up with laughter.. wondering why would they take out a good kids ride.

Went to use my last thing on my fastlane and went to v2 again. When in line it had a malfunction. The train went forward a little then just stopped. All you heard were people going awwwww. then people left line in fastlane so i got up closer and in 10 mins it was reopened. Another blast on this is good.

Decieded to go on one last ride, so i went on american eagle backwards and its totally different then what i expected.. Was good 7/10

Walked around the park and watched the parade. and got some beads cause it was mardi gras. Day went good, wonderful weather, wasn't to pack.

day 2

Well this day started out good. got my keys in my pocket, got my fastlane. And got on rides i didn't go on the first ride.

First was Viper and gotta love this ride, holds a punch in every part of it. 10/10

Giant drop, fun ride 8/10

teacups 6/10

so far i start out being spun around then dropped. Love that feeling in you.

When going past demon which didn't want to go on for a wierd reason, where u go near the railroad tracks are u can see the yellow train on a path behind a gate but didn't notice it there the day before. Was wondering if anyone saw that to today? 8/08/02

Well keep this short rode v2 twice and RB twice.

While in line for deja vu today it broke down 2 times but think just for a simple miss hap or someone puked cause was back up in 5mins with no test runs imbetween. And talk about line jumpers today in that line. the people behind me left the line and when i was further up in the cue they deciede to come get their spots back behind me. The people that were now behind me got mad and the other people were like well we were behind that guy right there (me) and just getting my spot back and they were a group of 5. they also had another group of people that cut further up in line too. Well almost to the station security caught a group of like 8 cuting in line and escorting them out of the ride, was a lot of clapping when that happened. Was like don't get me involved in this i not goin to save your spot u left u left it.

So this trip turned out what i was looking for all summer to get away from my job and have some fun. So if anyone knows about the demon yellow train thingy, was thinking they were going to put it back on, looked like it Day wasn't packed at all

Friday, August 9, 2002 6:12 AM
I also saw the Demon train by the train tracks. I don't think that it is anything major or anything. Shockwave on the other hand had all three trains on the transfer track. I don't thin that they will be using this ride anytime soon, b/c on the second story of that building to the entrance there were people throwing beads to crowds for mardi gras, and i don't think that that would work too well with people trying to get in line considering there was about 200 people crowded aroud for these stupid beads.
Friday, August 9, 2002 5:34 PM
It sounds like the Deja Vu's are now open from 12-5. Sounds like a fun trip.



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