Six Flags Great America 7/13/12

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This past Friday I had the opportunity to make it up to Six Flags Great America, which has been my home park for a long time until I've gotten jobs away from there. We started the day off on X-Flight. What an AWESOME ride! Perfect ride for Great America, it was fun, smooth, comfortable, thrilling, intense, fast, and unique. It fit the area really well and interacted a lot with the midway. The theming looked great and the music on the lift and brake run was a great touch, along with the jumpsuits the operators wore.

From there we rode Raging Bull. This used to be one of my favorites, but after riding Diamondback so many times, it felt rather dull after the first drop, but the drop is still killer with the dip first.

We then made our way into the waterpark. We rode everything in the waterpark in under two hours and just as we had changed a storm had rolled in. After hiding under the locker canopies and various building overhangs we had made it to the parking lot and our car. We went to a bar on Milwaukee Ave. that is not to be missed! It's called In Laws and features all you can eat pizza for just $2.99 with drink pizza. I know this sounds too good to be true, but not only was it unlimited, but it was GOOD Chicago Style thin crust, cooked to order and brought to your table. I will be returning to this establishment!

After the storm had cleared we had returned to the park. We rounded out the day with Superman, Dark Knight, Batman Twice, American Eagle Blue, Whizzer, Viper, Sky Trek Tower and 4 night rides on X-Flight.

Great America has such a diverse collection of coasters, including four different inverted coasters: Batman: The Ride, Superman: Ultimate Flight, Vertical Velocity, and X-Flight, all which are incredibly different from one another. I can't wait to get back this fall, as I love their Fright Fest, and especially Terror Twister II.

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This is my home park also! I rode X-flight two weeks ago when i took my most recent trip down there.

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What'd you think of X-Flight?

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us."
-Joseph Campbell

He won't tell you. You have to read his blog.

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I was just there myself two days earlier. X-Flight has that midway prescence you speak of. The riding on the outside really does add that extra dimension to the coaster. However, the part i was most excited for was the keyhole inversion, which you felt a mild vibration during it. However, it really was a nice addition to the park.

Batman to me is where it was at. That to this day of riding inverted coasters was maybe one of the most intense coasters i have been on. I have been to other six flags parks and either they have vekoma slcs or they dont have a B&M invert, so it was my first BTR experience.

Raging Bull leaves alot to be desired nowadays compared to other B&M Mega/Hyper coasters. Too much breaking and really the first drop and turnaround was as good as it got on that ride.

Oh and how i also wanted to love American Eagle, but the breaks in the helix areas shot that down as well. That ride was running extemely well through the hills. Viper to me was a major surprise with its airtime in the hills.

Whizzer and Demon were pleasant surprises for me. Whizzer is just great because it pulls nice lateral g's and just is really one of the more unique coasters left in the U.S. Demon just has the theming making it unique, but few coasters like that have went the extra mile and that rediculously catchy 80s theme song.

I really enjoyed the park as well.

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Too much braking or too much breaking?

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They should put a brake on Raging Bull's braking because it causes several breaks in my enjoyment of the ride.

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I love Viper to pieces, and thought that both Eagle and Little Dipper were very smooth and running quite well last year. Bull, as always, proves disappointing to a degree that almost defies a family-friendly description. I know there's a good coaster under there somewhere, and the first-drop in the back seat never fails to build anticipation - then all hopes are dashed when you hear the brakes GRAB the train...

Thank goodness there's lots of great stuff to do at GAm (Whizzer, woodies, flats, etc.)....but that giant steel coaster taunts me worse than DV ever did.

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matt. said:

They should put a brake on Raging Bull's braking because it causes several breaks in my enjoyment of the ride.

I have a sudden, odd urge for a Kit Kat bar...

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