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Myself and two of my long time friends, Gary Knight & Ryan Johnson went up to the park last tuesday. While the sun was hot, the rides were cool and I had an amazing, amazing time.

Vertical Velocity - This ride has to be my second favorite ride. Nothing can beat back row, getting shot up the back spike, there is nothing like it. Back row is the best, as I am not as big of fan of Wicked Twister, because I'm in for the back spike.

American Eagle - Backwards is a really interesting experience. The trims on the helix didn't feel too bad. I think the helix element has to be one of the most energizing elements in the coaster world. I commend Great America for having both tracks open with two trains on each.

Giant Drop - After all of these years, this ride still packs a punch. I've never been to the park with all of the cars running, but today they were. All except for the track without a car.

Raging Bull - The first drop is simply amazing. I think the dip at the top of the lift is ingenious. I still think this ride knocks the socks off of Magnum and the Force. You got to love the hill right after the block brakes.

Viper - Gary and my lapbars were about 8 inches above our waists, the airtime is out of this world. Just looking at the structure of the ride, Six Flags really did a nice job keeping the ride up to par.

Superman - Longest wait of the day, obviously. I did purchase a lemonade in line, it was quality stuff, but for $3.25, I'd hope it would be. This Superman ride does something amazing to me. It is the only ride that I actually have muscle spasms and muscle cramps in my legs after going through the pretzel. I actually ride this thing in pain. Gary was in pain as well, we rode in the last car. Does anybody else here cramp up?

Batman - It's nice to see that Six Flags still gives a darn about their rides, the new wheel covers look great. Btw, this ride was traveling faster than I have ever ridden it. This is my favorite ride in the park, and it has never been this fast, ever since '92. Anybody that has ridden this baby recently should know what I'm talking about.

Great day at the park, I got a nice tan. Great America always seems to impress me. I do think they need to paint the eagle though.


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Nice TR. Glad you like American Eagle- It's one of the most underrated coasters in the world. Batman has been amazing this season, with the zero-g roll being insane. Some of the turns before the corkscrews are a tad rough though. Raging Bull is also one of the most underrated coasters. Its first drop is amazing, and it has a good combonation of Positives, Negatives, and Laterals. I do not cramp up after superman.
Ask Nasai how he felt on S:UF. The g's on the pretzel made him cough!;)

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I feel the same way about B:TR. My friend said it was running slow, but i thought it was the best ride I have ever gotten on it....I don't know how my friend thought it was boring!
Nice TR. I have felt some pains on S:UF, but the ride was still good for me!

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About SUF, I felt *back pains* from the shuffling up and down. It was really strange, I never felt that on SFoG's version. Maybe just some bad wheels?

Good to see you enjoyed Raging Bull so much! While I definitely think it's better than Magnum, it's not quite up to par with MForce IMO. But a solid performer, even with the brakes everyone hates. It seems to be winning over a lot of people this year!

Thanks for the TR.

EDIT: My bones, I meant SFGAd's SUF did that to me, not SFGAm's.

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RB is still my fave ride in the park next to Viper. We had season passes a couple of years ago and I was always off on weekdays, so I think I got my fair share of testing EVERYTHING that year. = ) Viper is still great, and Batman never really gets old. We have yet to go this year-opted for CP instead, but I'm sure we'll make it out at some point.
It's good to see Raging Bull getting some much needed respect. Magnum Smagnum...

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