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Hey everyone, I need some help with people who come here a lot. I haven't been here in 15 years, and I'm going for Goliath, but what kind of lines can I anticipate and how busy will the place be tomorrow on a Sunday there. Thanks for the help!!!!

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No one can predict the future, and no one can tell you what kind of lines there will be.

I will tell you this, though - if it's a nice day, the times during water park operation will have your lowest in-park crowds. Doesn't mean it still won't be crowded, but the water park sucks up a decent amount of people.

First thing first, for Goliath, if possible you want to get to the park around 9:00am. The parking lot will open around 9:15, and you want to be at the front of the line for metal detectors. They let guests into the park at 10:00am, and if you go left, you can go all the way to Goliath (which is why being first in line at the metal detectors is important). Even if you walk, you should still have less than a 10 minute wait once the park officially opens.

Other than Goliath, the longest line will be Superman at about an hour. All the other coasters (except Goliath) should be around 45 minutes.

Goliath does have a Single Rider line, which is starting to become more consistent, but I still wouldn't count on it. If Single Rider is open, you will wait in the overflow queue, and when you reach the entrance to the permanent queue, tell the employee there you are a Single Rider and you will be given a lanyard and sent up the Flash Pass entrance to the station.

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