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Well i just got back, it was a school trip and it was not a full day thing

got there at opening my friend and i both got the Flash Pass Gold, and let me tell you, it was well worth it.

got the Flash Passes and went straight in line for deja Vu (flash pass no working quite yet), still a great ride. lots of air time from what i rode it.

then headed over to Viper, a new coaster for me to add my to coaster count! while my old home park (Six Flags Astro world) Cyclone may have been bigger, i gotta hand it to ya guys, your cyclone ride is way better ride.

did the flash pass for Raging bull and way worth it, the line was huge. it was a good ride, don't get me wrong, the trims felt like it killed it a bit.

did the flash pass again for Whizzer, now this is a new first for me, and i had a blast on it, the way you sit down in those chairs and your legs are straight out. i love how it would push you down into your chair. to say the least it was a very fun ride.

next one we were off to Superman : Ultimate Flight - flash pass'd it

it was ok, in terms of thrills, but a neat ride at that. the pretzel loop was pretty intense in and of itself. and the wingovers were nice.

flash pass'd Batman ; The ride, and it is again back up on top as my favorite at SfGAm one hell of a fun ride i thought.

next up we flash passed V2, my 89th coaster, and while me current home park Valleyfair! has one called Steel Venom, i wasn't too worried about getting the front row (favorite row on the Impulse's) got on the third row of it the same as at VF just VF has lower attendance so i can ride this goodie over and over again on front without any or little wait.

last coaster of the day was Iron Wolf which was a good last one, its currently still my 2nd favorite Stand-Up coaster, not as good as Mantis but better then the late Batman: The escape at Astroworld.

times' running out, bus time is 4:45 and were hitting 4:03 so we make our last ride the Giant Drop we get down there, we flash passed this one as well and the side were placed on had us seeing over the parking lot and it was like 95% packed, i mean it was quite literally near capacity before it could take no more. we got off the thing at 4:20, rushed over to drop off the flash pass machine, and rushed over the flags shop

got myself a Batman key chain, a Six Flags 45th Anniversery T-Shirt and a nice Six Flags Great america hoodie. oh and i forgot to mention i also got a cool on ride picture of us on superman Ultimate flight, doing the superman pose, on arm fisted out.

for a saturday, and not a full one, the Gold Flash Pass was excellent, i gotta admit i was actually expecting a little piece of paper, but the flash pass gadget was really cool. and it will be my only trip this year to the park. hope to go there after memorial day to ride Dark Knight, i'm interested in seeing how that'll turn out

i got TONS of pictures, so once i sift through all - 322 of them! it was a perfect day as well! i'll give you the link to it.

but yeah the Gold Flash Pass was a great deal i thought.
all my friends who didn't do a flash pass only got 2 coasters in and 1 flat ride.

me and my buddy (coaster fanatics) got 8!

and 1 drop ride!

so yeah on cool day! Laughing

P.S. Six Flags i felt has improved over the last years.

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I love Great America, and it truly has improved since Shapiro started!

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