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Monday, October 8, 2001 12:50 PM
I arrived at the park at about 10:15, and was about to walk into the park when I noticed the list of attractions that were closed: V2, Deja Vu, Whizzer. My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I saw that. Both new coasters closed. That really ticked me off. Although I was mad, I still went into the park to have a day of coaster riding. I started with Viper. 10 minute wait. Row 11, tons of airtime, great ride. Still my #1 woodie. Next came Raging Bull. 60 minute wait, but would have been 45 if they hadn't stuck the third train on two trains before I was going to be on the ride. Row 7, tons of airtime, great first drop, still my # 1 steel. Next was going to be Demon, but before hopping on that, I wanted to check out Deja Vu. Not even a minute of standing there past when I saw the train ascend the lift. I watched the ride complete the circuit, and I almost peed my pants. I stood there in disbelief. The first words that popped out of my mouth after I saw it run were, "no way," as in there was no way I was gettin on it. Still in shock, I hopped on Demon. Walk-on. Row 7, less headbanging on the corkscrews than I remember. Since it was a walk-on, I decided to go on it again, except row 5 this time. Next came lunch. Chicken fingers at the chicken place at the Farmer's Market. I don't think their fries had any potato in them, just breading. Anyway, the next ride was American Eagle. Blue side was the only one open. Row 14, 45 minute wait. Would have been a good ride except some idiot stood up (that's what I heard) going up the lift hill, so they stopped the lift, and we sat there for 10 minutes 20 feet in the air. I wasn't even high enough to have a good view. But still, a good ride. The brakes didn't seem like they were on that hard. After that came Iron Wolf. Row 3, 20 minute wait. Still fun, less headbanging than I remember. Next came Batman. Row 4, 20 minute wait. Seems alot more intense than I remember. Then came Shockwave. Row 8, walk on. More intense than I remember, and also less headbanging than usual (I'm starting to see a pattern with these statements). Next was Whizzer. The sign outside the park said it was closed, but well, it wasn't. Row 8, 10 minute wait. Still a fun ride. Then came another ride on Viper. Row 3, 20 minute wait. A TON of airtime (although havin the lap bar three inches above my lap helped). Then came another ride on Raging Bull. Row 8, 30 minute wait. Same great ride. Next came a third ride on Viper. Row 13, 20 minute wait. Just as much airtime as row 3. Then came dinner, which was some more chicken fingers (I'm obsessed) at Aunt Martha's. Really good, I recommend them. I always make sure I eat at Aunt Martha's whenever I visit the park. After that came another ride on American Eagle. 50 minute wait, row 9. The wait would have been 40 minutes, but the back two cars on one of the trains were not being used (although they were earlier). So there was one train with five working cars, and another with three. This ride was better than my previous ride. The train litterally flew threw the helix. By this time, it was about 7:00, and I was informed that I could only ride one more ride. I had to decide between riding Batman or Shockwave. I decided on Batman because I figured that riding Batman in the dark would be awesome. And it was. Row 3, walk-on. I then picked up a Raging Bull shirt at Coaster Dude, and left.
Deja Vu was open on and off all day. Like I mentioned, it started testing at about 12:00, but it didn't open until 2:00. And then at 4:00, I noticed that I hadn't seen a train go threw it for a while. But later I saw it running again.
V2 never opened.

Oh my gosh, he's dying!
No he's not, he's gorging.


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