Six Flags Great America - June 14

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Three of my friends and myself made the drive down to Gurnee to go to the park for the day. We thought the drive would take us much longer, but we ended up pulling into the Great America parking lot just a litttle after 9. We had a spot in the first row, which was nice for when we went to the car for lunch and dropped off stuff we got in the park.

When they dropped the rope at 10, we went over to Superman and got right into the station. We were on the third train of the day, near the back. Everything had been going well, and it didn't seem like there were too many people in the park.

Next, we went over to Raging Bull, where we waited about 20 minutes to get on, and that was just because we waited for the front row. The red train was the only one not running.

We then headed towards the Eagle, which only had one side operating. We walked right up and got on as soon as we got there. We couldn't believe that there really weren't waits for anything.

We were then going to go on Batman, but we saw that the line for Iron Wolf was almost nonexistent. We waited about 15 minutes for that one, but there was only one train running.

We then continued to make our way towards Batman, but stopped at Vertical Velocity on the way for a one train wait. The people I went with had never been on it before, and they loved it.

Then we went back to the car to eat the lunches we packed, and after about 20 minutes re-entered the park.

We then hit up Viper (one train wait), Raging Bull again (back row, 15 minutes), Giant Drop (25 minutes, probably the longest wait of the day, but only three of the sides were operating), Batman (one train wait), Vertical Velocity (two train wait), Superman (10 minutes).

By this time, it was about 3:45. We got in line for Raging Bull, and it began raining. By the time we got up to the station, the rain had really picked up, but they continued running the ride nonetheless. When we left the station, it was freezing cold, the rain was hitting us hard, and we had to keep our eyes closed the entire ride. However, when we got off, we were all pumped with adrenaline and wanted to ride again. Even though it was a little chilly and painful, we loved it! It was such a different expereince. We ended up riding it 4 times total in the rain during an hour and a half period. It was funny, when the rain came, the line got longer for Raging Bull.

After that, we went over to Superman, and only had to wait for two trains. By that time, it was six, and we were all a little tired and wet, and decided we'd call it a day. I'm sure if we had stayed, we could have ridden almost everything again because it seemed to empty out drastically after the rain.

All in all it was an excellent day. We were all surprised at the amount of rides we got on in the time we were there.

Deja Vu was running all day, except while it was raining. Otherwise, it seemed to run consistently. We didn't even go in the Demon/Deja Vu area to see how long the line was.

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