Six Flags Great America - 8/20

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We arrived at the park at about 9:40, however after getting lockers and a few issues resolved, it was 10:05 before we were all ready to go.

Since the line for Superman was far beyond the carousel, we decided to head towards Raging Bull. When we got there, we found a line almost to the entrance, however none of the switchbacks were open. So we waited and were on the ride in about 25 minutes. I love this ride, and it is by far my favorite in the park.

Next we walked over to the Giant Drop and waited about 15 minutes. I think this ride is ok, but I prefer PKI's Drop Zone.

We headed towards Viper and found a huge line spilling on to the midway, so we walked onto the teacups instead.

Next we walked over to Demon, and on the way I sadly saw the sign that said Deja Vu would not be in operation today. Demon was a two train wait, and I have to admit this ride was better than I rememberd it.

Next was American Eagle, with only the blue side operating until we got passed the spot where you choose which to ride. The red one opened up, but we wanted the blue anyway so we stayed in line. I couldn't believe how long this line was. It took us about 30 minutes to get on. This is, to me, the best wooden ride in the park.

After the Eagle we headed towards Batman, which had about a 1 hour wait. When we were on the last switchback in the building, the ride shut down for about 10 minutes. After about an hour and 15 minutes, we were sitting in the last row of the ride. Wow, this ride was ten times better than I remembered it to be about 5 years ago.

After that we hit Viper with about a 30 minute wait. From the outside, the line didn't look too bad, but once we made it in the station, it was packed, humid, sweaty, and deathly hot. We finally got on, and I thought the ride was rougher than I remembered.

Next we hit Iron Wolf, with a 20 minute wait. I really didn't care too much for the ride, I just wanted to see Shockwave over in the employee parking lot!

After that we hit Vertical Velocity, which had about a 50 minute wait. We rode towards the middle, and this is too one of my favorite rides in the park.

Finally, we headed towards Superman at about 7:00. The line was spilling onto the midway, however once we got inside the line and received our "boarding passes" we found out that none of the switchbacks were open. We waited about an hour and 20 minutes, and were finally on the ride. I don't like this ride too much. I think it is too short, and the ankle restraints kind of hurt my shins when we were waiting to get back into the station. I have ridden X-Flight, which I feel is ten times better than Superman.

Overall, I think we had a very successful day. We hit every *operating* coaster accept the Whizzer and American Eagle Red. Even though I thought the park was really crowded, it was a lot of fun!

You could've just gone on the trek tower to see shockwve. Unless it was closed. Then again iron Wolf is closer, but i would never wait in ine just too see a dismantled ride.
Nice report!!! It seemed like another very busy day at SFGAm.
I would agree with you that IMHO that RB is the best coaster in the park but would disagree about AE. I like Viper much better and wouldnt be upset if they removed AE and used the area for just one new wooden coaster.
I was gonna go this day but i'm glad that i didn't! it sounds too crowded and it was too hot for me!

Favorite Coasters at SFGAm: 1.)Superman 2.) Viper 3.) Batman 4.) Bull 5.)Eagle

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