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Since I enjoy reading everyone else's reports , I'll return the favor and post my own.

After getting done with work at 6, I decided it was time to finally get a ride in on Superman. I work about 12 minutes from the park, so it's fairly convenient. (Though it's in the opposite direction from my home).

After a trip to Boston Market and a lengthy walk into the park, I was inside the park at about 7:30. I was surprised by the sign outside of S:UF stating that keys may fall out of pockets if unsecured. Can anyone attest to this? I was wearing jeans with fairly deep pockets, though the pockets did not have a zipper. I was also wearing a hat, which I jammed into one of my pockets, and I stuffed the keys underneath them. My wallet was in my other pocket, and I was a bit nervous about this, but I had to believe that this was relatively safe.

After 45 minutes of waiting, I was at the stairs. The ride then "temporarily ceased operation". After waiting about 10 minutes, I decided I wanted to move on and get some rides in on other coasters. It was about 8:30, and the park closed at 9. I still haven't ridden the new coaster. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching it go through many cycles. It reopened shortly after I left the line.

I decided to head over to Yankee Harbor. My first ride was a childhood favorite, the Lobster,er, East River Crawler. Haven't ridden it in many years. As an adult, my impression is that the ride would be fun if it lasted 20 seconds or so. As it is, it is too long for my taste, and I begin to feel woozy after a while. It's a classic, but I won't be riding this one again unless I have kids.

I noticed V2 was a walk-on (where is everybody?), but having ridden it about 10 times last season, I didn't feel compelled. Instead, I went to another ride I haven't tried in years, Iron Wolf. I was able to walk on to the front row, which I believed would assist me in riding defensively, as I would be able to see every turn and brace for it. Not really. While this ride isn't quite as awful as some make it out to be, I don't think this ride qualifies as "fun". It is a fast, furious coaster, but it yanks you around violently. As a teenager I enjoyed this sensation, but after years of riding the Bull, which is genuinely "fun," this B&M feels like a throwback to an era when violent intensity was the rage. Still, not as bad as Shockwave, in my opinion.

I had time for one more ride, and I decided to head over to the Viper. Again, a walk-on. This time I chose the back row. Viper delivered. What a night and day experience compared to Iron Wolf. This coaster is fun, plain and simple. A great way to end the night.

I checked Deja Vu. No train on the track.

A couple comments. First, I was surprised that on a beautiful Friday night in mid-June, the park was walk-on city. Has attendance been weaker this season in general?

Second, are the Chuck E. Cheese and Wendy's establishments on Grand Avenue new? I don't remember them.

Finally, if anybody has been on S:UF with keys and wallets in a pocket without a zipper let me know. It will allow me some peace of mind if/when I ride the ride. None of my shorts or jeans or jackets have pockets with zippers.

Thanks for reading.

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Sorry to hear that you haven't gotten a chance to go on S:UF yet. It would have been great to get in your first flight at night. When I have ridden S:UF, my pockets did not have a zipper but it did have a velcro closing. My friend had keys in his pockets, and he did not have velcro or a zipper. I haven't lost anything on S:UF yet this Season. However, I'm not saying that I am safe from losing anything on future rides. I did notice the park was fairly empty in the evening. Batman was walk-on city, although we had to exit and re-enter through the Batcave. The Chuck E. Cheese and Wendy's may be new establishments, but I do know that Krispy Kreme on Grand Avenue is new as well.
At CBC, I had several quarters and a chapstick in one pocket, and my keys in the other, both pockets without zippers.

All of a sudden on my 4th or 5th run, I noticed stuff begin to fly off of me, and I reacted just in time to catch 2 quarters, but the rest of my change and my chapstick had been lost. Thankfully my keys were safe. After that, everything in my pockets got put into my other zipper pocket.

I would recommend taking the warnings seriously, because it did happen to me... although it did not happen to anybody else in my group.

Yes, that Wendy's and Chuck E. Cheese are new establishments.

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Top 5 Coasters at SFGAm 1)S:UF 2)RB 3) DV 4)V2 5)Viper
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Yes, on Superman you will lose your change, your keys, or anything else in your pockets. I dont know how many times I heard loose change and other articles dropping on the floor when they reclined the trains in the station. God only knows how much crap is lost throughout the ride.

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Thanks for the information guys. While I imagine my keys/wallet would probably be OK in deep pockets, I think I'll enjoy the ride more if I'm not worrying about them. Luckily I found a pair of shorts with pockets in the back that have buttons, so I'll use those when I go next time.

On a different note, I also noticed an interesting visual effect of the new ride. While I think the ride is extremely sharp-looking, the park seems smaller to me without Shockwave. Maybe because it takes up less space? Also, while I enjoy looking at the ride upon entering the park, imagine how sweet it would look in Whizzer's spot, with Raging Bull in the background. That area, with Bull, Superman, Deja Vu, and Viper, would be a beautiful arrangement of colorful steel (and wood). Nevertheless, I think they made the right move.

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Cargo shorts or pants with zippers is your best friend when getting on a flying coaster. Its just not worth the risk to have money and keys in front pockets that arent secure.

The point on S:UF where you are more likely to lose anything is the head first dive into the pretzel loop.

For some reason, alot of people leave the park arount 6 or 7 pm. The last 2 hours is the best time to get in a bunch of rides (except for S:UF).

All those businesses just east of the tollway and on the north side of Grand Ave. are new. This includes Krispy Kreme, Chuck E. Cheeses, Wendy's, Long John Silvers and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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I always have something in my pocket when I go to SFGAm; my wallet, and a pair of batteries for my camera, and sometimes I put my camera in my pocket. I have never had anything fall out of my pocket once on SUF, it might be because the pockets are kinda tight though and they do not have zippers either.

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