Six Flags Great Adventure's Batman will get the backward treatment in July

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Six Flags Great Adventure announced Tuesday morning that the cars on the 100-foot inverted Batman ride will be flipped around and riders will get to experience the 50 mile-per-hour tops speeds in reverse, for a limited time.

Read more from The Times of Trenton.

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I'm not going to lie, I have a really hard time with backward on most rides. The inverted boomerangs feel super weird to me.

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Agreed. I enjoyed boomerangs as a kid/teenager, but not so much now. I still enjoy shuttle loops, but the lack of lateral movement helps. The thought of a backwards Batman, an incredibly intense ride already, doesn't appeal to me in the least.

I would like to experience it at least once, but I'm pretty sure once will be quite enough.

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Looking forward to it.

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I'm with you Bunky. I'll try it once, but I know I won't like it. And since I don't count backwards rides as a new credit... I mean, what's the point, really? Haha.

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It was almost inevitable and I cringe at the thought. As a season pass holder I'll simply have to ride it the usual way as much as possible before July. As Vater said, the ride is incredibly intense as is. I can't see how further intensifying it will in any way enhance the ride experience. Quite the contrary. I would expect this to increase the feeling of disorientation to the point of being nauseating.


I'm completely guessing here, but I wouldn't be surprised at all is this were delayed or nixed once the State of NJ gets involved; which will have to be approved since it is a ride modification.

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Universal should try this on Hungarian Horntail.

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HnB nailed it. NJ will find a way to delay or deny this.

Then again, Batman is kinda forceful and I'm kinda old. I'll tough it out once, won't enjoy it, but want to at least have the experience somewhere.

That being said, delan's suggestion of Horntail (Fire Dragon, dammit, LOL) is a good choice if you're going to reverse an invert. Like Great Bear, or even Alpie, in that there's a less intense ride to begin with (but with the Universal ride, there's floater air and it's delicious forward or backward).

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I'd argue that Ice Dragon, or whatever it is now, would probably benefit more from it. I'd think they'd be better suited to its milder intro and outro maneuvers.

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I rode the backward Batman at SFOT last summer. I'm not very familiar with the forward, so I can't really compare and contrast. But I will say I thought the backward version was super fun and rode it multiple times over the two days I was there.

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I rode it once last summer at SFoT and once was definitely enough. It wasn't the intensity or the orientation, it was the "meh." I've ridden a million things backwards (and felt meh about most of them) and a million Batman/Namtab clones (and felt meh about most of them) and putting them together is exactly what you'd expect.

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