Six Flags Great Adventure renames forthcoming Total Mayhem to The Joker

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In September, Six Flags Great Adventure announced that in 2016 it would unveil its 14th coaster, a 4-D, free-fly coaster called Total Mayhem. Park officials announced on Wednesday morning that it would be renamed after the DC Comics supervillain The Joker.

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Seems to me there has to be a joke connecting this thread to DC politics right now.

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Another case of Six Flags redundancy, with Roar at Discovery Kingdom being converted into The Joker. (Superman, Batman, Goliath, etc.) Although Total Mayhem was not a great name, it was at least an original one.


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It doesn't even get a tag line or something like Joker's Revenge/Jynx/Last Laugh. Might as well be "Joker the Ride".

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Six Flags redundancy that only enthusiasts care about. Hell, even most enthusiasts don't care anymore if the ride is good.

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One person's "redundancy" is another's "branding".

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I would have called it Top Flight Batinator. That one isn't taken.

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Dislike the name. Like the possessive "Joker" names (ie Joker's Jynx). Like the coloration. Think the ride is a good fit for the Joker theme. Dislike the location. If they were gonna do this, couldn't they have stuck the tiny thing in the Intamin Freefall's old spot? It would make a lot more sense being in Gotham City, wouldn't it?

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Isn't it an unwritten rule of Coaster Buzz that we have to complain about the cloning of the ride for at least 3 days before we complain about the name duplication? Traditionally, that is followed by the "I rode the rendering on YouTube and it sucks," which leads into a capacity debate, which is often the segue into a flash pass discussion. Somewhere along the line, politics, religion, guns, Sea World, and gays are brought up before the whole thread descends into masturbatory inside jokes and memes, as well as Timber Rider bashing. Get it right, people!

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^This right here!

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Dangit. Andy won Coasterbuzz for the year.

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This is what I mean when I tell people that CoasterBuzz is a self-moderating community.

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