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On friday October 3rd My g/f and I webt to park for her 26th b-day. It was opening night for fright fest. Park was open 5-11pm. Park was dead at first, but got busy later because Mya was playing there that night. First ride was Great American Scream machine. walk on Felt jus like shockwave back at my home park of great armerica but with one difference this one wasnt as rough. Wasnt bad at all. Next ride was S:uf. Jus like the one at great america. Next up was batman the ride. No difference at all from the others really cept there was no line at all. wait was 2 mins next up was the reason I went there in the first place, NITRO! It was my 99th different coaster. It was a walk on. 4th row. I love this coaster. The best B&M hyper I've been on yet. Next up was Medusa. It was my 100th coaster. We waited for the front so it added to the total time a bit. it was my 4th floorless to date. waited 20 mins (fav is still kraken) After that rode rolling thunder. I barely fit in the seats. Had a major headache when I got off. coaster 101. Then went to the mine train. Dont even remember the name lol. coaster 102. Waited 5 mins. We went back over to Nitro. Line had gotten bigger by this time. waited 20 mins. 2nd row. Went back over to Medusa waited for the last row. 10 mins. Better in the back. It was starting to really get cold so we decided to go for the night. Overall it was a good night. My g/f kept wanting to go in the haunted house till she knew that the park wanted you to pay for them. Batman and robin The chiller wasnt open very long. They where having problems with it all night. It was open for like 20 mins. Then it was closed for the rest of the night Was gonna go on the haunted hayride, it was a 45 min wait. Ratings are as follows:

Great American Scream Machine. 6 Didnt really give me a thrill. ITs shockwave only not as rough

Superman U:F 7. Jus like the one at great america.

Batman the ride 8 . For some reason this one was faster then at my home park

Nitro 9. Best B&M hyper I have ever been on ever. Well atleast up til this point.

Medusa 7 Was a great ride it was also my g/f first floorless, she loved it.

Rolling thunder 1 Too rough. Felt like there where sqaure wheels instead of round wheels.

Mind train. 5 Cant remember the name of this one. It's right by medusa. wasnt a bad ride. But wasnt very thrilling ( of course it's for the kiddies though)

It wasnt a bad night jus a lil cold. Btw I travelled all the way from chicago lol
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Man , what an AOLers trip report. I didn't even bother to try to read it.

Work on your typing skills.

SFOG: Land of freaky Drop rides.

The mine train coaster is called Runaway Mine Train.
Sorry if u didn't like it pink, but that's the way I was taught. Thank you person for giving me the name.

While I'm glad you had a good time and appreciate your contribution to discussion, the Terms Of Service first point specifically requires use of proper English. If your typing/language skills are indeed "the way you were taught", then I weep for the state of public education in this country.

On a lighter note, I was there that night as well, and totally agree with your assessment the Nitro is by far a better ride than the Bull (which I presume you've ridden by your SFGAm observations). I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of "explosive" (pun intended) air. If you noticed me, I was wearing a red and black Detroit Red Wings jacket.

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