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Today, October 31, 2004 I took my girlfriend wth me to six flags great adventures since we both wouldn't being doing anything. Plus I was able to get free tickets so why not spend Halloween there? I planned on going to the park just to spend time with her but out to be what I wanted. I always know that gadv usually isn't corwded on sundays but forgot th realize it was the last day of operation, it's halloween, and it's a weekend. This resulted in a crowded park.

We arrived at the park around 9:50AM and the gates were opened. We were handed our map and on the way to Superman: Ultimate Flight. The line was the shortest I've seen all season. We waited at least 15 min. I was surprised they were actually dispatching trains quickly. Still love the preztel loop inversion and the true sensation of flying. One of a kind!

Next we walked towards Movie town to ride Batman&Robin: The Chiller because the batman side was actually testing. This was a first time for me since I last rode it with the OTSR. Walking over to the ride I notice the the train wasn't launching anymore. A ride operator told us that phrase we all hate to hear, "Were experiening techinal difficulties at this time. Come back later!"

So we walked over to Nitro and waited around 15 - 20 min. to ride. Since this would be my girl's really first roller coaster experience, I had to get her on. We rode the back seat and she asked me "Why don't you pull your bar all the way down?" Referring to when I said, "I hope he don't push this lapbar all over me." Once she said that, I let her find out for herself. When Nitro pulled into the station I looked over to her and saw tears coming out her eye. Once she looked at me I told her why I don't pull my lapbar all the way down.

We walked around for a little bit since she was still a little unfocused until we ended up near Medusa. I'm surprised she actually rode the front of Medusa with me and didn't throw up like she claims. I'm guessing that might be some real love.

Anyway, After we got those three out the way. We rode the Swinging ship ride and the flat ride you have to stand up on the wall ride. I forgot the names. Then we eat, saw Dolphin Discovery which IMO think was really wack compared to Shamu's show at Seaworld Orlando. The hypnotism show was actually very good. I wanted to go up along with the other 60 teenagers my age. I really would like to know if they were really under it or not.

Our last event of the day was actually a line. A line for Behind the screams tour which I hate now. We waited 2 in a half hours just to leave. I think something happen because I saw guards running past the lines. I still think someone sould've said something so we could leave the line. Hopefully if it's hear next year, I will be waiting an hour in advance for that.

Overall I think I had a good time. The park was very clean but alot of the rides weren't working and the haunted places for those over 13 were very disorganized. I do like the fact there advertising Kingda Ka alot in the park and seeing the track sit there in the parking lot is kinda cool. Hope I can make my way out next year! Oh yeah. I for got to mention we rode GASM which also had a line longer than I expected anf Batman&Robin: The Chiller the blue side did open late at night while robin was open since 1PM. The lines for Robin was too long and when Batman opened, I was in line for Behind the scream tour. *** Edited 11/1/2004 6:22:23 AM UTC by Starintraining***

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