Six Flags Great Adventure, El toro Marathon, June 27th

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I got to the park around 8 with the hope of some Toro and Ka night rides. It started to rain right as I got there so Ka was out, which wasn't a problem considering I got on the day before. I headed to Toro and I was met with a non existant line. After waiting an hour and 15 minutes for my first ride the day before I was pleased to see the ride without a line. I rode it 8 times from 8 till 9 oclock taking 10 minute breaks to catch my breath. The ride itself is incredible. My legs were sore by the end of that mini marathon from the brutally powerful airtime and my neck which i slept on funny was killing me by nine from the wicked lateral transitions in the twister section. Toro is smooth, out of control, and has the most insane air of any coaster I have been on ever. The drop is breath taking. Its better than New Englands Superman. It never lets up.

I then took a walk over to Nitro and took a quick lap as a breather. I walked back to Toro and rode 5 more times before the night was over. Great Adventure did an awesome job with this one. People are all talking. If Voyage is better than Toro, props to Holliday World, cause if Toro is as good as it is, Voyage has to be Phenominal to beat it.

2 different kinds of rides. El Toro is a new breed of wood--kind of a hybrid, if you will. It rides almost like a steel coaster does. It also has that wonderful Intamin air.

Voyage, OTOH, is no doubt a wooden coaster (despite it having steel supports). But it is the best, most amazing wooden coaster that I've ever ridden. It basically packs most, if not all, of what you would want in a wooden coaster--all into one long, intense, amazing ride.

El Toro looks great, and it may crack my top ten once I get back up to SFGAdv and ride it. But it would be hard to dethrone Voyage. Also, Voyage seems better run at this time, and they don't staple the crap out of you.

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Voyage does have the length and the setting going for it, but El Toro is amazing. You do get stapled but honestly you need it. I am not going to be a whiny enthusiast. The airtime is more than SROS at SFNE ever had. Please, Staple me all you want on El Toro.
the stapling is slightly uncomfortable but doesnt come close to affecting my ride experience or quality. when you pull into the final break run though, you understand why the tight restraints are needed. id rather be stapled in now then have the restraints be leniant and have someone thrown from the ride (refer to Colossus @ magic mountain) and have the rides most awesome features reprofiled because of it.

edit: For overweight people, the restraints may be untolerable. The other GADV TR details that. It sounds like it pretty much ruined that guys ride. *** Edited 6/29/2006 9:38:27 PM UTC by DorneyDante***

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