Six Flags Great Adventure. CHILLING SURPRISE 10/19

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Friday, October 19, 2001 9:41 PM
After reading on the net that robin was closed for the season, I was disappointed that I  would not be able to ride it this year. When we arrived at 5:00 the parking lot was empty. I knew this would be a great night. I should mention that while GrAdv is my home park this was my first time there this year. (long story) I noticed that when we arrived the chiller was testing. Huh I thought it was closed for the season, why would they be testing it? So i asked the lady and the gate and she said they might open it later but dont count on it. Okay then I'll try back later. So we walk over to Batman the ride. Front car 5 minute wait. This is the only lpace I'll ride this ride from now on. Fast and smooth. Next onto the ride I came for Nitro. 15 minutes last row. This ride is simply amazing. I loved it, Second favorite coaster behind what else MF. Next we ride Skull Mountain. For some reason the first 4 rows on both trains were closed. This ride is nothing speacial. Next onto GASM. Front car, 5-10 minute wait. Is it just me or is the lift always been this loud. It was a good ride not to rough. After GASM we head to RT. 7 minute wait. Cant explain it but I love this ride. Decent airtime and I like them a little rough.  My friend  said it hurt his back, but the rest of us were fine. Next we headed for Medusa. Front car 20 minutes. Even though it was cold, Medusa was running fast. Wonderful ride. after that we hit some shows as we headed for Nitro. This time I talked them into riding the front car.  About 45 minutes and worth every minute. This ride has alot of airtime and seems never ending. The first drop and first hill after the drop are intense. I also loved that it wasnt lit up. Thank you B&M. I forgot to mention that while standing in line for Nitro my girlfriend said she saw people on Robin. Good looking out baby. So after nitro we head over to the chiller. About 35 minutes later I'm sitting under premeire lap bars. This ride is definetly better with lap bars, so smooth. Very nice. That would prove to be the last ride of the year for me atleast I think, but it was a good way to end the season. The one thing I realized is that GrAdv needs to build rides away from Gotham City. It gets way to crowded over there, need to spread the people out.
Saturday, October 20, 2001 12:04 PM
Skull mountain has been havin problems making it through its free running track once the weather gets cold, so first thing in the morning they put weights in the first 4 rows of the train so that during test runs it doesn't saddle.  Then they wait till they're line gets big enough and start taking out the weights eventually if there are enough ops to do so (There's A LOT of weights and it takes a while), but usually by the end of the night the first 4 rows are open.

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