Six Flags Great Adventure April 22, 2003

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003 2:32 PM
I am just going to write a few notes down to keep you informed.

The park was empty! Everything except Superman was a walk-on. Superman was running great and the line was about 10 minutes. I won the running of the bulls but right when I got there there were about ten people there waiting like they had been there for hours. I got seven rides total. Two in the front, two in the back, two in seat two and one other one.

Rolling Thunder was very rough. They really have to do something. It was actually worse than the 17th. There actually was some air though.

Batman: The Ride- I rode it in the front. Threre were a lot of G's. I greyed out for a second a couple of times. It was also very rough. I don't know if it was just where I sat...

Nitro was running great! I got one ride in the front. It was fast and smooth. Chiller had Robin open and it was running great also. I just hope they can get the Batman side up sometime. Medusa was a walk-on and was running fine. That's about it. I left at 3:00.

-Sean Newman


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