Six Flags Great Adventure almost entirely powered by solar energy

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Six Flags Great Adventure announced a 23.5-megawatt solar project, with 60,000 panels, that will power almost all park operations this year and be the largest “net metered” solar project in New Jersey. Net metered means a solar installation can return power to the electric grid when panels produce more than needed.

Read more from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Very smart of them to over-provision like crazy. I wonder when the utilities will start to play ball and start subsidizing projects like this, with storage in the mix. Distributed generation is the future, with existing technology, but it's only going to happen when the utilities and state legislatures start thinking about it.

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The utilities won’t until there is a financial incentive for them, or they’re required to do so. As long as they can buy legislation to impede adoption of solar, they won’t

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The financial incentive is there, if they're willing to look long-term, which is weird because that's exactly what they do when they build a conventional generation plant. This isn't different, it's just that the model is different. At risk is private investment like this which separates them from large customers, and individual households in aggregate. Already 3% of my neighborhood went solar in the last year, on average offsetting 85% of load. If it's at 6% in another year, and you apply that pattern around the area, you should be in a full-on panic. Net metering doesn't make you any money.

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But.. Has anybody thought of the trees??

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