Six Flags Great Adventure, 9/7/08, Very Good

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Since Dorney was closed today (almost all of September is buyouts), I decided to go to Great Adventure hoping for short lines.

I got to the park at around 3:30, the lot was more crowded than I was expecting but I later saw from Nitro's lift it was only about 1/3 full. I saw Superman had about a 15 minute wait walking from the parking lot so that meant lines would be short all over.

I started at Batman since I missed it on my last trip. 1 train wait for the last row. Almost too forceful for me today as I had a headache on and off all day before I went to the park. Nitro was also a 1 train wait for the last row. Very impressive to see 3 trains running when 2 would have been enough. Tons of air time in the back row as always.

The Dark Knight had almost a full queue, how that had such a huge line when it is right next to 2 much better coasters with no waits is really puzzling unless it's all first time riders for The Dark Knight.

I would have expected Skull Mountain to be empty, it was actually a 10 minute wait. I took the front since they were letting Flashpass have the entire back part of the train even though it is only supposed to be one car.

Speaking of Flashpass, it seemed like there were a lot of people using it today and it wasn't needed at all unless you wanted to marathon TDK. Even worse I saw a VIP group for the first time today. They were going up the exit of rides. Why would you spend $1200 for 4 people to go up the exit on a day when there were basically no lines at all?

The Skyway only had 1 side running and looked have a long wait so I skipped it, and went to Blackbeard's. It would have been a 2 cycle wait but I was able to skip ahead of some people (with the ops and people in line permission) to get the last open seat on the first cycle since everyone at the front of the line had groups of more than 2.

Rolling Thunder only had the right side open, 2 trains running. Slow dispatches as usual. 1 train wait. Tango was closed. El Toro's line was in the station. From Rolling Thunder I saw Kingda Ka had a station wait so I went there next. 5 minute wait thanks to most people not going to the left side of the station. I was going to go back for another ride since it would have been a walk on, on the left side but it broke down.

I went to Runaway Mine Train next, rode 3 times with no wait and went to Medusa. 3 trains running but they were stacking and double stacking, 1 train wait again. Surprisingly the Log Flume was open since it supposed to be closed after Labor Day. The kids water play area in the Golden Kingdom was also open but the rapids were closed. The log flume line was at the 30 minute sign, 15 minute wait which was the longest wait of the day. I didn't like at RMT, the op made a comment about seeing the Glow In the Park parade tonight. He said everyone should go see it and then said something along the lines of "never mind, it is cancelled." I knew it's done for the year but I could see people getting annoyed with a comment like that.

I went to the Boardwalk, GASM was broken. Not a good sign, since I was stuck on it a little less than 2 weeks ago so that's 2 trips in a row with breakdowns. Superman had no wait at all except for the front. I stayed on for 3 rides in a row.

It was a little after 7 and the park closed at 8 so I decided to go back to Nitro. 1 train wait but it broke down before the train before the one I was going to board dispatched. I didn't wait around since they were going out to the track so I knew it would be more than a few minutes. I went back to Batman, walk on for the front and then I moved around on the train to different seats for 4 more rides. It was 7:47 and TDK was down to a 5 minute wait to get into the pre-show, 15 minute total wait. I haven't been on the ride in close to 3 months and heard they got a new pre-show that was longer with a commerical which allows you to walk right on to the ride once the preshow doors open. They weren't using that one today so there was somewhat of a line after the preshow. I did notice they made an announcement about leaving Gotham City once the red flashers came on that I don't remember hearing before.

It was a great basically having no lines today. Too bad it isn't like this all summer.

Ride Count:
Nitro, 2x
Batman, 5x
Superman, 3x
Medusa, 1x
Skull Mountain, 1x
Blackbeard's, 1x
Rolling Thunder Right, 1x
Kingda Ka, 1x
The Dark Knight, 1x
Runaway Mine Train, 3x
Log Flume, 1x

^^So out of curiosity, are you any closer in being able to make ET??

I dig your GAdv TR's (especially in the days leading up to my visits), but I do miss not getting any ET updates!! So I was just sort of wondering if next year may hold hope for that?

No, I haven't really lost any weight since the spring. I am kind of stuck where I am even though I am trying very hard (eating Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisene almost every meal and giving up food like Cheesesteaks and hardly eating fast food). I am hoping to get back into DDR which I think might help and my goal is to be able to ride ET next spring.

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