Six Flags Great Adventure, 9/20/08

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Saturday, September 20, 2008 10:43 PM

Since Bring a Friend Free was valid today, I went to the park with my sister today. I had hoped crowds would be light especially since we got to the park at around 6:15 but the lot was 75% full.

I checked Nitro's line and it was into the switchbacks. Not today, so we went to Looney Tunes Seaport and went on a few of the rides there and went to Jolly Roger with a 5 second wait. Way too short of a ride cycle. The Teacups were next where it was a 2 cycle wait. I mentioned this in my TR in July but the Carousel is in horrible condition. Every horse I saw had cracked and chipped paint and others had the actual unpainted wood exposed in some areas. 1 cycle wait.

Saw Mill Log Flume was actually running despite it being in the low 60's but it closed a little after 8:00 due to either I guess a scheduled closing or no one riding as it was a walk on when we walked past the ride.

Runaway Mine Train was a 10 minute wait, I conviced my sister to try the coaster. I was a little nervous about the drop after the MCBR but she really liked the coaster. This is the largest steel coaster she has tried and I am hoping she will be willing to try more coasters now.

Medusa's first set of switchbacks were full so I skipped it and went to Scream Machine. 3 trains running but the station was almost empty. 2 train wait for the front. We went to Superman next, it appeared to be 15 minutes but ended up being a little over 20 minutes. The pretzel loop felt really intense today.

We stopped at a shop on the way out of the park and I got a set of Nitro and KK shot glasses for $1.98. Nice to see some deals on merchandise.

Today wasn't about power riding, but I wouldn't have been able to anyway since lines would have been too long except for marathoning Scream Machine.


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