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Monday, September 26, 2005 10:12 PM
LuvRaptor's avatar Could not wait to take my hubby to SFGA. I hadn’t been there since 2001 and I knew he would just love it. Arrived at the park way too early and could tell this park was definitely going to be more packed then Dorney was the day before :(

The Halloween decorations were every where, and the fall colors were breath taking. However, that Mr Six guy scares me! His picture was EVERY WHERE too, including a lot of the shirts 8-0

Once park opened, while everyone else headed for Kinda Ka, we headed for Nitro. I had been bragging about this coaster (it is my favorite steel-sorry Raptor) to my hubby and now he knows why. It is everything that MF is not. It has the height, the speed, the turns, the airtime, and just when you think the ride is over, here comes 4 bunny hills before coming to a stop. I can’t imagine anyone not loving this coaster. This coaster could not be ridden just once, we ended up riding it 3x before day’s end :)

Batman the Ride was fun, as was Batman The Chiller. It is amazing how much the trains looked exactly like FOF at PKI, it even sounded exactly like it too. I noticed there were no more OHRS, instead the same lap bars FOF has.

We walked to the other side of the park to check out Kinda Ka and saw the huge line of people waiting for it. We did notice how well the ride seemed to be running. Instead of the TTD countdown a loud horn blows (which you can pretty much hear all over the park) and a train goes. We heard the horn most of the day. We however opted to skip the ride. We could fit in many other rides in the time it would take to wait on 1 KK ride. It did look rather odd upon the 1st view of KK, the main structure looks exactly like TTD except in green (yea I know and a tad taller-but cant see that)

It did seem a shame that it appears Intamin has KK running really well (after a shaky start) and yet TTD still has it’s issues :(

The line for Superman was way long too, and for some reason they were having difficulty dispatching trains. There were some that were 15 minute intervals! I would have loved to ridden this since I’ve heard it ‘s comfy. My hubby loves X-Flight (barf) and it would have been interesting to see what he thought of Superman. All riders coming off were smiling!!

Nitro was way awesome, just as I had remembered, Medusa was awesome, just as I had remembered, the Great American Scream Machine was torture, just as I had remembered ;)

We met up with a couple fellow GOCC’ers later in the day, where we tried out “Houdini’s Great Escape” do NOT miss this! Don’t let the line discourage you either, as we found out each “ride” takes several people so wait time isn’t as bad as it looks. It was really fun!! We then rode the Runaway Train together before calling it a day.

I blew through 3 rolls of film. I adore theme parks for the scenery alone. Some may think a lot of it is corny but to be jamming to Linkin Park (LOUD!) under ultraviolet lights and almost total darkness while waiting to board Batman (in the batcave) was way cool!! This is another scenic park which in many ways reminded me of IOA because of that reason alone.

Many of the GP reminded me why I moved out of NY. F bombs were being thrown every where and curses were used as part of any conversation. Don’t even get me started on the attire and PDA! Do these kids parents see what they’re wearing before they leave the house? How did showing fat become a fashion statement? Blech! :(
As a non-Yankee fan I saw way more of my share of Yankees fans too. Blech! ;)

There are no Six Flags nightmare stories to tell. The crews were all very nice and seemed to be doing a good job, none of the rides we rode broke down and the park was spotless.

The fact is that “build a coaster, they will come” apparently does work. The majority of the crowd spent most of their time waiting on Superman or KK. I heard that they plan on building 4-5 more rides within the next 2 years to attract even more guests.

Looks like we’ll be heading back to Jersey!! :)

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