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Sunday, September 16, 2001 6:45 AM
I went to Great Adventure on Saturday Sep 15, right after The Attacks on America. Well the park was 50-60% capacity, Every ride accept Nitro and The Chiller was walk on.

Nitro had a 1-15 minute wait. Chiller had a 30-40 minute wait cause the front train is sealed off and another train is sealed off for Fast-Pass.So that Leaves us with 3 trains. 12 people a launch, but this ride is awesome! It is sooo much better with lap bars. Accept tall people sorry cant ride, well I'm 6 ft I was pretty squezzed in.Well that was the first ride of the day and we got there at 4 o clock. Then we were off to NITRO I swear everytime I go on it, it keeps getting better, and better.Every drop you fly out of your seat.The backs the best! Then we went to Batman TR, Nobody was in the station accept for the front seat. We got 3 re-rides.Then we went to Free Fall . What a piece of ****. I dont like that ride, but no wait.Then we went on The frisbee thing from HUSS.  Its sweet! Then we went off to the other side of the park. We got on Twister.Pretty cool still. Then it was off to our Patrotic Great American Scream Machine.It was cool.Getting the feeling of American Pride. Going down the drop. Rerode it 4 times. The we went to Jumpin Jack Flash.  That ride is so weird and cool!After that we went to Rolling Thunder, pretty cool in the dark and it was only operating the left side at night.(The left side is way smoother than the right side)Then good ol' Medusa, Really good B&Mer I still love the feeling where your feet are going to get ripped off by the track.We then went ot Skyway and went over to NITRO two more times and chiller two more time. Then it was time for us to leave.

And I give credit to Six Flags for having donations in the park for the TWC attack. 



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