Six Flags Great Adventure 8/6/09

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My long baseball season was finally over so my seven friends and I decided to spend a day at Six Flags Great Adventure. The last time I was at Six Flags was for my 8th grade school trip which was a couple of years back and the only rides I got on that day were Batman&Robin and King Da Ka. The weather for the day was partly cloudy, around 80 degrees so it was a really nice day. We arrived at the park around 10:30 and the parking lot was pretty empty.

When we got into the park, we decided to start our day off with Superman the Ultimate Flight because it was right near the entrance. We waited on the line for about 25 minutes and got on rows 3,4. I was a bit nervous about this ride because it was my first coaster in a while. But I really liked this ride mainly because your hanging from your seat. The first loop was really intense but the rest of the ride was alright. Overall a pretty cool ride mainly because you hang.

Next we rode Great American Scream Machine because it was right next to SUF. This was a walk on, even for front row. We got the first four rows, me getting the first row with one of my friends. The first drop of the ride was good and I thought that this was going to be a good ride. But the rest of the ride was really bumpy and I bumped my head on one of the loops. Overall the ride was pretty bad because of how bumpy it was.

After SM we walked towards El Toro and King Da Ka only to find that they were both closed. They were acually doing test runs for El Toro but there was nothing going on at King Da Ka.

We then got a drink and went towards Bizarro. The sign said that we were going to wait an hour but we ended up waited 30 minutes which wasen't to bad. Once again, I got front row and it was a really great ride. From the first drop to the end, the ride was really smooth and had a lot of great flips. Another thing I liked were the sound effects, which a lot of people acually didn't like, but I thought they were pretty cool. When we got off the first ride on Bizarro, we saw there was not much of a line so we got a second ride and could of got a 3rd ride but one of my friends wanted to head towards Nitro and Batman.

Both Nitro and Batman had pretty long lines so we decided to try Nitro. The waited about an hour for Nitro to get rows 1 and 2. Going up the first hill took forever! Then when the first drop acually came, it was amazing. You acually fell like your floating in mid air on all the drops. The air time for this ride is really good and there are a lot of good little drops that get you. We all loved this ride so much that we decided to try it again but from the last two rows this time. The second time around wasen't as bad as the first. We ended up waiting 30 minutes for the second ride and the last row is even better then the first. What a great ride and I defiantly wanted to try it for a third time before the day was over.

For some reason, the line was still very long for Batman so we decided to go back to El Toro and see if it was open yet. It wasen't but they were still doing test runs and there was a good possibility that it was going to open soon. So we decided to take on Bizarro again for a third and the wait was around 40 minutes. We got the last two rows and it was great.

After, we went back to El Toro and it still wasen't open but was going to open soon. We didn't really want to wander from El Toro because it could of opened at any time so we went on Rolling Thunder. The wait was around 30 minutes and it was not worth it at all! The ride had to be the most bumpiest ride I've ever went on. I'm suprised they still keep it open.

El Toro finally opened not long after we got off Rolling Thunder. The wait was around an hour and a half, which was the worst line we hit all day. When we finally did get our turn, we decided to take the four middle rows. I was really nervous about this ride and so was my friend Anthony that I was sitting next to. The lift up the first hill is acually pretty fast and kind of caught me off guard. Looking at the first drop while going up the hill was really getting me more nervous. The ride went on to be AMAZING!! My favorite ride ever. The first drop is a killer and the ride is so great because it is just non stop action and it never gives you time to catch your breath. Its just drop after drop, turn after turn.

King Da Ka was defiantly closed for the day and we were all really upset about that. So we decided to go back towards Batman to see if the line wasen't that long. The line was about 30 minutes so we decided to wait. We got the middle rows and I liked this ride a lot also but the only down side about it was it was a little to short.

We all really wanted to get out of the heat so we decided to try out the Dark Knight coaster. We waited about 30 minutes and it defiantly wasen't worth it. The little movie before the ride was stupid and the ride was basically an indoor wild mouse. The only good part was it was air conditioned.

We then went towards Skull Mountain which was a walk on and the ride itself wasen't that good. The only good part was it was in the dark but besides that it was like a baby coaster.

We then decided to take a little break from coasters and played some arcade games and I won a bunch of things like basketball balls and stuffed animals. My two friends did the Dare Devil Dive and I was going to do it but no one else wanted to. It was now about 7:00 and the crowd was beginning to die down so we did more coasters. We ended up doing Superman again, Scream Machine another two times [wasen't to bad as the first time], and Bizarro again. We still had time for one more ride and we all decided to do Nitro. The wait was only 15 minutes and we got the last two rows. The third time was just as good as the first two times and it was great to end the day off with a coaster like that.

Overall: A great great day at Six Flags. The only thing that was annoying was the locker policy, that you have to put your stuff in a locker for every ride. But we rode every coaster that was open and got multiple times on the good ones. This Sunday[Aug.23] I'm going to Hershey Park with a bunch of my family and friends for a couple of days and heard that there are a couple of good coasters there so I'm looking foward to that.


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We just got back from SFGAdv & Hershey. They are both great parks. IMO Lightning Racer at Hershey is the best ride in the park.

When you go hit Fahrenheit first thing. You can then work your way around clockwise. When you get in the station on Storm Runner check out the 2-3 rows. We never had more then a 2 train wait once we got to the platform.

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