Six Flags Great Adventure 8/1/02

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Sunday, August 4, 2002 12:56 PM

My father and I arrived at the park at roughly noon. We had bought a coupon off of Ebay for a 1/2 off price admission and the people wouldn't take it. So we got a few bottles of sprite and got $20 bucks off each. FYI: The coupon had been scanned into a computer and then printed off.

We immeadiatly made a b-line for Nitro. There were three trains running so out wait was about 5-7 minutes. This ride was my dad's first on the coaster. We rode the very back seat. The ride is now on his favorite list at a close third, behind S:RoS SFNE and S:RoS SFAm. (Coaster Rating 9/10)

Next we went to the Robin side of the chiller. The line was just at the part where you choose your side, not a bad wait. We got in line for the front car. Maybe 3 trains went through and then both sides stopped completely. About five minutes later Batman starts up and goes through 4-5 trains before Robin finally goes. A total of about 20 minutes passed. Going forward on Robin wasn't bad but backward was bad. I am normally good about a ride whipping me around but this was at an extreme. I white knuckled it all the way back to the station. I will probably NEVER ride it again. (3/10)

We then decided to ride Medusa. On our way there my dad pick up a Nitro hat. We got to Medusa to find the wait very short, yet again three trains running. the line was down the stairs and on the outside of the que, it didn't zigzag or anything just an easy line. This was the first time and only time that we saw 1 line jumper that day. We picked a nice and easy middle car and enjoyed a great ride. (7.75/10)

By now it was about 4:25 and we were getting really hungry. Both of us had skipped lunch and hadn't had anything all day. We went to the Central Park Deli and had chicken wraps. I have to saw that it was really good. (8/10)

We then had a rest moment whil enjoying the Dolphin show. Impressive, I know have hope for SFWoA.

We then took a nice trip over to see our favorite flat ride, Dino Island. We found the que completly filled and spilling out some. Figuring since this would have been about the 8th time on the ride and we knew the entire thing. We decided to go see about The Great American Scream Machine. No one was in line, 4 people in line for the front and two people for a middle car. We got a nice and easy seat in the middle. (7/10) We got off and liked the looks on our faces of the on ride photo so we spent the $8 for it.

Taking another spin on Nitro and my dad was beat for the day. He told me he couldn't do another ride so we went to one of the main street shops and I got a SFGAdv pin and Nitro shirt.

We left at about 7:00 and got back at Atlantic City at 9. We had a nice relaxing day there and enjoyed ourselves very much, we did ALOT of walking and some nice father, daughter bonding. I kind of liked Coasterman not being there, but that day he was enjoying Carowinds, so no harm done.

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Sunday, August 4, 2002 1:54 PM
Sounds like a nice trip but you missed out on a lot of coasters like Skull Mountain Rolling Thunder Batman:the ride etc.



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