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Monday, May 6, 2002 5:06 AM

My original plans this weekend were to head off to Myrtle Beach to finally get a lap or two on the Hurricane and Swamp Fox, but the forcast was calling for rain for the area on saturday. I thought I wouls just stay home till I decided I would drive up to New Jersey instead. So I left at 8:30 friday morning for the long drive up from North Carolina. I thought I could make it in under 10 hours, but that went out the window since I hit DC at rush Hour. It took a grand total of 12 hours and over 800 miles till I rolled into the Comfort Inn. What a drive.

I got to the park around 9:30 and waited for the rope to drop so I could find my way back to Nitro. I figured I would just follow the crowd since I had never been to Great Adventure. The ropes drop an off I go.

#136 Batman The Ride: Not much to say about it since it was the third BTR I had been on. It was a pretty good ride.

#137 Nitro: The ride had not opened yet but I decided to wait for it. I figured it would be worth it since the line was growing as the time passed. It opened soon after I was in line. I have to say that it was a pretty good ride. It moved ahead of AC at BGW on my list of favorite coasters. Took only 2 laps on it since I had plans of leaving around 3pm.

#138 Skull Mountain: I had heard only a few things about Skull Mountain and I really did not have any idea of what to expect. I found it to be a coaster that runs in the dark. It was good for the credit and only one lap.

#139 Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train: I still can not get over on just how long the train is for this coaster. You coould only ride from car 1-15 since from 16 on back was blocked off for some reason. Still a pretty good ride for a kiddie coaster though. One lap on the day.

#140 Runaway Train: Nice little Arrow mine train that has some great features to it. I enjoy the turn over the water. Nice effect. Took only one lap on it.

#141 Medusa: This is only the third floorless that I had been on. I was hoping it would be better than the other two (BKF and Kraken) that I have rode. I seat near the end since I was not going to wait for the front. It was better than BKF though, but I still prefer Kraken a little more. Now do not get me wrong and think I thought Medusa was a bad ride because it is not. I enjoyed it and took two laps on it before leaving.

#142 Viper: Only rode it for the credit and will not ride it ever again. This coaster just plain sucks. I was wondering were the advil was after I got off of it. I can see now why it was not running last year alot. What got me was there was a line for it. I was wondering why?

#143 Rolling Thunder: I was wondering if this coaster would fall down if a train was run on it. The struture of the ride looked as if some duct tape and super glue would help hold it up. I headed up the ramp to take the spin on it and was hoping it would stay standing for my one ride. I am happy to say it did hold up. It looks like this coaster is in need of some major tender loving care. Only one side was runing.

#144 Great American Scream Machine: Not alot can and will be said about GASM. It had high points and low points. Enough said.

I did not ride any of the flat rides during this visit. I was heading down to Morey's Pier for the evening before starting the drive home. I was rather pleased by the park and plan to return later in the year to ride Batman and Robin: The Chiller.


*** This post was edited by Coasterdave on 5/6/2002. ***

*** This post was edited by Coasterdave on 5/6/2002. ***

Monday, May 6, 2002 11:37 AM
Ahh we learned our lesson opening year for the Viper. Can you imagine a steel coaster being rough the first year it is open. I still think its those dratted restraints. Anyway, glad you had fun. Hopefully I can make it there this year.

You're so contagious, you turn ma pages!

Monday, May 6, 2002 1:38 PM
I think ur thinking of blackbeards treasure train not roadrunners, that isa kiddy coaster with a huge train.

help my friend

Monday, May 6, 2002 1:46 PM
i like Viper alot, but its gotta go. its placed on a decent plot of land next to that river/creek and something better can go there. maybe it will take some people away from Medusa. How have the crowds been lately? bad?
Monday, May 6, 2002 2:39 PM
Me too CoasterDave, I prefer Kraken a little more to my medusa.

How much more floorless can they get?


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