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I don't know where this belongs, so I decided to post it here in the Trip Reports.

I am making a trip to Washington D.C. and New York in May. Well seeing as how our drive from D.C. to NY will cut close to SFGadv, we decided to make a stop there.

What should I expect, no general questions, I just want to know some stuff about the park before I go.

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Your request is pretty vague. Expect a good time? Look at old trip reports here, and maybe their website.

Its worth a stop for the coasters, but the park experience itself leaves a lot to be desired. At least thats my opinion from three visits there.

I think this topic is a ploy to get me started. I will resist. :)

Yes, I am a paranoid freak.

Ya don't say. . . ;)
Six Flags Great Adventure? Let's see... it will be way too crowded, Kingda Ka will not be running, and El Toro will not be finished.
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And only one side (if that even) of Chiller and Rolling Thunder will be operational. :)
Smart ass comments asside, we really don't know. I will tell you that my one visit in June of '01 did not impress me all that much, although I did really enjoy Nitro and Skull Mountain. :)

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My only vist was in July 04, and we had a great time, Nitro is a great coaster. Medusa, SUF, Batman the ride, and Batman and Robin the Chiller were all good coaters. The park has a good selection of rides. If you are going on a weekend or a day were it is really busy you might want to consider Q-bot. It is a lot but you can really enjoy the park while waiting in a virtual line. The food is typical SF / Amusement park food. Be sure to ride the two log rides, I don't remeber the names but both were fun. try to go early and you might be able to avoid the larger crowds. We got to the park right when it first opened and walked on almost all of the coasters, and it wound up being a very busy day. Also don;t hold your breath about Kinga Ka it probaly won't be open or if it is except some down time, and El Toro probaly won't be finished either. Thats all I have, I hope it helps out. Have a good time.

There is no such thing as a terrible Coaster just ones that haven't been taken care of

I was there for a bit last night. I am heading back shortly. PArk looked in good shape an only a few rides were closed. Everything seem to be well staffed an security was all over the place. Park looked clean an staff was friendly. There was new signs going into the park about the 45th anniversary! They had Bugs and the crew out an about all night as well as the Marvel crew. It looks like once again they are trying. El Toro is not done but its gonna be a beauty to look at when its done. Its already visual stunning. Have a fun trip!


I was also at Six Flags last night, for about 2 hours. Took a ride on Nitro, walked the park for awhile, and checked out El Toro. I got to say, El Toro looks alot more impressive up close, than in any photo.

The other reason I went last night was to pick up my Season parking pass, and well, say goodbye to the placard, and hello to the sticker again.

On the back of the sticker, it says something like; This sticker must be affixed to the driver side, passenger window, in order for it to be valid.

I DON'T THINK SO! Until Six Flags starts paying for my auto insurance, or takes over paying off my car loan, they got zero right to tell what to do with my car.

How were the rides running??

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

You mean DC, right Crashmando?
The park can get really crowded on weekends especially. When i was there this past August my shortest wait was a 1.5 hour wait and that was on a friday. It was August however. Hope you have better luck than that.

The park is also very hard to navigate I found. So make you get a park map.

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coasterniece said:
How were the rides running??

I was there today from 8am until 1:30pm the park was not crowded at all everything was a walk on except KK which didn't open until 10:15 I was on the first train of the day. It was running crappy lots of break downs. SUF was having problems and didn't open until 8:30 I was also on the first train of the day. Nitro was running a little slow with only 2 trains, I don't know where the 3rd train is its not in the storage building.

Rides not open:

Free fall, Houdini, sky ride, BTC,RT,Space shuttle

I suggest if your going bring a Handicap pass to park up close or you will have to park far from the gate unless you pay for premier parking they suck at parking. I did not notice any thing different in the way the park is run besides more security and restroom attendents. SF was not enforcing the no smoking rule because I saw a lot of people smoking anywhere they wanted to. Same old Sh*t just a different year.

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