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Sunday, May 6, 2001 6:22 AM
I made the three hour drive to six flags great adventure from lutherville md yeaterday. I started driving at about 6:30 a.m. and entered the park at 9:30 exactly. Iused my season pass and waited a half hour in the main entrance area. I ran to the Great american scream machine. I rode the patriot train. It didn't seem very rough. I got on it a gain on the freedom train. It was as rough as normal. If you want to ride the great american scream machine without the roughness ride the second row on the patriot train. Next iwas going to ride rolling thunder and viper but they were both closed. (viper being closed saved me pain) So i went on to medusa and walked on it three times. I LOVE THAT RIDE!!!!!!!
Than I went on mine train. It's the scariest ride ever. you feel like your gonna fall out. The camel back just hurts. Then I took the sky cars over to movie town and rode skull mountain. Than i waited 20 minutes to get a qauter through nitros line. Then it broke down. I waited another two hours to get on. Second best ride i have ever been on. mf is still #1! Then I went over to rolling thunder and rode it. it's an okay ride. I then went to the safari park.(I had never been) It was fun i guess. I then rode viper, Batman the ride. and batman the chiller. robin was broken. then i left!!!!!!
Sunday, May 6, 2001 6:40 AM
I was their yesterday afternoon until closing and it was the worst trip I have had to Great Adventure in a while. It was so crowded, even worse than summer. It was probabbly really bad b/c of that Music in the Parks thing that was going on, which I didn't learn until I got their.
But at least I got on Nitro once, always a great ride. While this trip was pretty bad, my one 3 weeks ago was great and just to let the rest of you Buzzer's know, the best time to go to Great Adventure is when it is really cloudy, a bit cooler, and especially when their is a bit of rain. When the wheather is like that you usually loose the city crowd.

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