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Friday, May 24, 2002 5:30 PM

Went to Gadv today for all day outing. Crowds were much greater than a normal friday because of the daily news giving away 10,000 highly restricted free park passes and it being the friday before a holiday weekend. Started off with placing very well in the foot race to Nitro:

Nitro - No Wait - Sat in the back and let me tell you it makes a great difference and is a great deal of increased whip, speed, and air sitting in the back, by far the best ride in the park.

BATMAN: THE CHILLER W/LAPBARS!!!!! - half hour - WOW this is a great difference with the lap bars, went from a good ride to a great ride the lapbars are amazing giving much more visibility, air, and freedom.

Stuntman's Freefall - 12 mins - This ride is cool but i had a little promblem, after the fall as we were sliding abright back into the station i just tried pushing up my restraint, and then wtf thething flew up the op hits the emergency stop i think and the rides breaks down, so we walked out of the car and laughed about it. Four pour people got stuck up top waiting to drop and had to walk out using the little stairs.

Batman The Ride - 40 mins - Stupid ride, it broke down twice while i was on line for it. Same ole ride, short and intense as ever.

Runaway Train - Walk On - We were on the way to medusa and realized that there was no wait for the old train, so we hopped on. I was impressed it seemed much smoother and quicker than years past.

Medusa - half hour - Great ride, great ride. Super smooth, i loved watching the safari monkeys while goin up the lift and the third inversion, the zero G roll, which i believe is the best part of the ride.

Lunch at Great Character Cafe - slow line because i think my server was a border line retard.

Hodini's Great Escape - 11 mins - Cool ride, but a tad bit weird and disorienting. I like that is is sort of a dark ride thing, which SFGAadv definately lacks.

Viper - 20 mins - Liked steep first drop in coils, and heartline twist in coils, Disliked head-banging, first stupid inversion, and how freakin short the ride is.

Rolling Thunder - 10 mins - Right Side, puh! Crud they opened up the slammy side today. Although i love the tilted drop after the turnaround, it really feels like its on one wheel side.

Great American Scream Machine - 20 mins - Eh ok, head banged, nice and long and intense.

Dino Island Simulator - 15 mins - This ride rules, one of my favorite simulators, i love the dino theme and the cheap 3-D tricks the ride pulls.

Roadrunners Runaway Railway - no wait - Stupid, somewhat painful on the old testicles, but needed it to add to the count.

Skull Mountain - 5 mins - Short, kinda lame, but the darkness and left up frightfest props make it decent.

-The Robin side of chiller had its first three trains on the transfer track.

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