Six Flags Great Adventure 5/21/08, Another Awesome Trip and Dark Knight Mini Marathon

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I had planned to get to the park at opening but got there at 10:45, the lot wasn't that crowded. I stayed until closing at 6:00

Went to KK first. Only 2 trains running. 35 minutes. Superman appeared to be at least 30 minutes with 2 trains so I skipped it went to the Dark Knight. 25 minute total wait. The receiption seemed to be better today than Monday with not so many people giving the ride a thumbs down. For the park being so empty, the waits were longer than I was expecting but that would soon change.

Batman was 5 minutes, Nitro was also 5 minutes with 2 trains running. The Skyride was running but closed shortly after I noticed cars on the cables. Skull Mountain was empty, I was able to re-ride in the front since the station had no one in it.

GASM was a walk on with 2 trains, Superman broke down while I went to the car to eat lunch. They took off 1 train so the line appeared to be around 45 minutes or more. Went back to KK, they were now using 4 trains so it was a 5 minute wait. I went around again and got a walk on for the front row. I was going to go for another ride but it broke down and they didn't say how long it would be closed for so I left.

Rolling Thunder was running 2 trains with horrible dispatches (probably around 3 - 5 minutes a train). They were taking off a train due to weather (it drizzled for 5 minutes), and said it would take 10 - 15 minutes so I left since the park was closing in less than 2 hours. When I left, the line was the longest I have seen it on such an empty day, past the 30 minute sign.

Medusa had 2 trains running, 2 train wait. RMT was sending out half empty trains but still had 2 trains running.

I decided to try Fly Me to the Moon since I saw the door to the pre-show room was open, I only waited 3 minutes in that room. It's not as bad as I was expecting based on what other's had said but I liked Spongebob 4D more. The images also seemed to be out of focus and slightly blurry even with the glasses.

Superman was down to a 20 minute wait at this point. I like 1 train operation on this ride since you aren't sitting on the brake run with your head tilted down waiting for the other train to dispatch.

It was a little after 5:00 at this point and I went back to the Dark Knight. About 12 people waiting to get into the pre-show. After we got out of the pre-show, the line after that had no one in it and by the time I got off the ride, there was no one waiting so I got to stay on the car for 2 more rides. I can't believe less than a week after the ride opened I was able to get re-rides.

I went back to Batman for 3 more rides (re-rides in the front row too) and finished the day at Nitro. They were cycling 3 trains for some reason but were only loading 2.

Despite some longer waits earlier in the day, lines were very short after that and it was a great day for power riding.

Ride Count:
Nitro - 5
Batman - 5
Superman - 1
Medusa - 3
Kingda Ka - 3
Skull Mountain - 3
Fly Me To The Moon - 1
Teacups - 1
Runaway Mine Train - 3
The Dark Knight - 4
Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train - 1
Great American Scream Machine - 2

I was there today wearing a black "DJ_CJ" sweatshirt (with Italian logos). I noticed that GASM, ELToro, and S:UF all had one train on the extra track with mechanics working on it.

I rode Dark night as the second ride to the public and it was great. I rode it again as my last ride around 5:30 and it was horrible. It seems when the exit door is open, light goes into the ride and it made the experience "stupid" because you can see everything in front of you.

I also overheard one of the operators at Ka say that there was only 5800 people in the park, and they didn't need both sides of the station.

Kingda Ka at midnight is AWSOME.
I think the perception might have been better because they waited less for the ride I'm thinking than Monday. If they would have waited longer, they probably would have been more talkative to tell people not to ride it.

Get Ready. Get Set. Spinout! Six Flags America: The Park that is Full of Disappointments
^That's what I'm thinking as well. Many people are expecting El Toro in a box. Great for families, thrill seekers will be disappointed.

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