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Saturday, May 3, 2008 12:19 AM
I got to the park a little after 5:00 (the park opened at 5:00 for season passholders only tonight) and saw a wonderful sight, hundreds of kids leaving the park. The lot was full of busses, hardly any cars.

I went to Superman first. Walk on, and then a 2 train wait for the front. Great ride, again not worth the usual line but fun for a wait of 15 minutes or less. 2 trains running. When I first got to the ride, I saw quite a few backpacks at the station. I figured they weren't enforcing the loose article policy. When I went right back for the 2nd ride, the op made an announcement that since it was after 5:00, no loose articles could be left in the station. What it sounds like was because of Physics Day, they were allowing students to still leave backpacks and other items on the platforms while under normal operations this isn't allowed. I understand not wanting to make students have to pay to use the lockers but if it is really about safety, then why are they making the exception?

GASM was next, 3 trains running, walk on for the front, a little headbanging in the corkscrews but not too bad.

I went BBLTT, only 3 other people riding and then went to Skull Mountain. 2 trains running, I was the only one on my train. The sound effects were on today but there was a lot of light coming into the building.

Nitro was next, 3 trains running but when I got into the station (no wait), they took off one of the trains which took a few minutes. It was cool to see how the transfer track works. Comment of the day was someone saying they didn't know that's how they took the trains off the track, they thought the park took the trains apart and put them in the storage shed piece by piece. Awesome ride as usual, I went back for 2 more rides.

I went to Batman after that, still too forceful for me to marathon even with a walk on unless you wanted the front which was a 2 train wait.

The sky ride was running earlier but they shut it down after the schools started to leave

I stopped at the tea cups, since I haven't ridden them in years. They were kind of difficult to spin. I have never been on a Rockin' Tug before so I tried Tango. I was the only one on the ride, it was a little dizzying, I don't think I could handle a Disk O if Tango made me dizzy.

Rolling Thunder had the left side running with 2 trains. I prefer the left side and it wasn't that rough, espceically compared to the right side.

I checked Kingda Ka's line, it was at the 60 minute sign. 2 trains running. I didn't feel like waiting and the entrance guy told me it was only 20 minutes. I said I would be back later and I guess he thought I was crazy since 20 minutes is short for the ride but when everything else is a walk on, it's not worth waiting 20 minutes.

Medusa has a new recording mentioning Heinz and that it is the world's first floorless coaster. A little rough today, 2 rides was enough.

Runaway Mine Train was crowded for being one of the older coasters but I guess it is still popular with the families and little kids. 1 train wait.

I went back to Kingda Ka to find a 1 train wait for the 2nd row. Even though I got my 3rd and 4th total rides tonight, the intensity of the launch still gets me.

I went back to Scream Machine which was now running 2 trains. Not that they even needed that since there were 3 people in the station. Superman was still a walk on and so I took 2 more rides, went back to Batman for another ride and finished the night at Nitro.

I got to Nitro at around 9:35, and got 6 more rides, only having to walk around once. At around 10:05, the train came back into the station and there were people waiting for the front and 1 other row. The supervisor said we had to leave as the park was closed. Some people left, others questioned why we had to leave when there were 7 empty rows and they were going to let the people waiting ride. He gave in and allowed us to ride. I didn't understand why at first he said we had to leave when they were loading the train anyway. By the time I was finished my hands were starting to feel kind of numb as it was only 55 out at around park closing.

Overall it was a great night

Ride Count:
Nitro, 9x
Batman, 2x
Superman, 4x
Medusa, 2x
GASM, 2x
KK, 2x
Skull Mountain, 1x
RT Left, 1x
RMT, 1x
Tango, 1x
Tea Cups, 1x

Saturday, May 3, 2008 10:32 AM
I was there last night too. I have to say it was a really great night. I loved not having to wait for anything. There weren't even lines for food.

I had my son with me who is only 48 inches tall so most of the coasters were out for us but we went to power ride El Toro anyway. We got in at least ten rides. The only time we had to wait was when someone cut their arm and dripped blood on one of the seats. They had to call a medic which took about 15 minutes and then they sprayed the entire train with disinfectant. The whole process took about 30 minutes.

The only annoying thing was people talking about us. At least three times I heard different people say" I can't believe they're letting that little boy go on he's way too young". One lady even told me I was crazy and she wouldn't even let her eight year old ride. Mind your own business people. I know my kid! He loves coasters. El Toro is his favorite. Shut up.

We also rode Skull Mountain, Runaway train, Tango, and Rolling Thunder. I actually like the right side a lot better. The left seemed rougher to me.

The only kid section open was Wiggles World so we rode the Big Red Cars a few times since my son is dying to start driving.

Great night. I'm looking forward to Sept 19th when they do the exclusive SP holder night again. It was well worth it.

Monday, May 5, 2008 9:18 AM
I was there too. Am I the only person who was annoyed that they didn't open Looney Tunes Seaport so we could ride the Road Runner coaster? Other that that it was a perfect night. rode all the other coasters at least 3 times, and everyone in the front row and last row. El Toro is by far the GREATEST WOODIE EVER!! I actually was scared at parts.

I think the coasters after dark was a great idea and I hope they do it ever year. I can't wait till September and "Family night" to see if that is as crowded.

Monday, May 5, 2008 9:33 AM
eightdotthree's avatar Sounds like a great night!

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