Six Flags Great Adventure 5-21-11

Sunday, June 5, 2011 7:31 AM
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I was only there once, but I also thought well of the staff, particularly that of El Toro. They were really pumping people through.

I remember the Rolling Thunder people being slow and bored, and most of the others being at least average. The food service people seemed really nice, too.


Monday, June 6, 2011 11:36 AM
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For what it's worth, I felt the ride ops were unnecessarily slow when I visited last October (same weekend as Raven-Phile actually, although on Friday night). On some rides, they "moseyed" from seat to seat checking restraints. I couldn't believe it took as long to check a train with 6 people on it as it would for a full train. Sometimes they'd stop and chat with each other. Then there was the silly "visual scan" before launching.

The only coaster that *wasn't* like that was Nitro, where the crew was in gear and made a point to move speedily from row to row. Which I thought was funny since Nitro is such a fast loader anyway.

I will say though that SF Great America was a much different picture when I went over Memorial Day weekend. The park wasn't particularly crowded, yet they moved at a good pace on pretty much every ride. The biggest difference I noticed between Greats America and Adventure was on Superman -- at GrAd, we waited an excruciating 2 minutes on the brake run in the flying position (privates firmly planted on the ballbuster), whereas at GrAm it was only a few seconds before the station train was out and we were moving in.

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