Six Flags Great Adventure, 4/7/10

4/11/10 trip report is in the 4th post

After going to the park last Thursday and leaving after only ridingNitro and The Dark Knight because it was so crowded I was lookingforward to trying again this week. Unfortunately, after going to thedentist on Monday I was still in some pain so I wasn't sure if I shouldgo to the park or not. I decided to take a chance and it turned out tobe a good choice. It was hard to believe it was 91 out, especiallysince 10 days ago it was in the low 40's and I was walking around thepark with a sweatshirt, 2 t-shirts, jeans and gloves.

I got to the park around 2:30 and saw the closed rides board had theusual rides like Houdini and Congo Rapids listed but I also saw RollingThunder, Parachutes and Twister and the Skyway closed. That meantbesides the coasters, only 5 flats and the log flume were operating.

I wanted to start with some smaller coasters to see how I felt so Iwent to Blackbeard's first. They added more switchbacks since they madea real queue last October. It was a little under 10 minutes. SkullMountain was next, 4 or 5 train wait for the last row. There was a lotof light in the building today. There was also a chair near the pumpkinin the final helix which seemed strange. I went back for another rideand went to Nitro next.

The line was on the stairs with 3 trains running. Dispatches were alittle slower than usual with stacking and some double stacking. By thetime I rode twice, the line was past the 30 minute sign so went toBatman. The line was just past the turnstyle and even though I was onlyin the tunnel a few minutes, it was horribly hot and stuffy. Theyreally need some fans or air conditioning in there. Dispatches werekind of slow and I forgot how forceful the ride was.

I saw they were getting Twister open and Superman had a station waitbut I skipped it today because I didn't want to ride it with your headtilted down the entire time thinking it would give me a headache again.

Scream Machine was running 2 trains but I walked right onto the frontrow, not too rough today. Kingda Ka had 3 trains running and was justunder 20 minutes total which was the longest wait of the day. For somereason everyone went to the left side of the station and the right sidewith just 1 train running had less people waiting.

Rolling Thunder had also opened with just the left side running. In thework area, I saw the green train was somewhat taken apart with theheadrests missing. The dispatches were a little faster today which wasgood to see.

El Toro had a short line out of the station and went to Runaway MineTrain. 2 trains running and most rows were a 1 or 2 train wait. I sawthe Log Flume looked to have around a 30 minute line so I went back toRunaway Mine Train for 2 more rides and went to Bizarro which had aline just out of the station. 2 trains running and no stacking.

The Log Flume had a much shorter line and was around 15 minutes. Theywere really trying to make sure the logs went out with both sections ofeach log with riders.

It was 7:15 at this point and with 45 minutes left I went to the DarkKnight which was a walk on into the pre-show and I was able to stay onfor a re-ride. Nitro was down to 2 trains and again on the stairs. Igot 1 more ride and finished the day at Skull Mountain which was a walkon. I got 5 more rides and it was 8:05 at that point so the park wasclosed.

It was the best trip of the year so far and thankfully crowds weren't bad at all.

Ride Count
Nitro - 3
Batman - 1
Bizarro - 1
Kingda Ka - 1
Skull Mountain - 7
Rolling Thunder Left - 1
Runaway Mine Train - 3
The Dark Knight - 2
Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train - 1
Great American Scream Machine – 1
Log Flume - 1

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Were you at the park yesterday? Wow, I'm not sure if this particular weekend is always like this in terms of crowd level but this was by far the best day I've had here. El Toro was a walk on until around noon, and even when we left at around 4 it was only a station wait. Amazing day and I hope you got to enjoy it!

Gary, with the kind of weather we had in Jersey yesterday, I'm surprised there weren't mor people there. Me, I spent he day with a headache and stomachache. But I had no thoughts of going this weekend...needed a break after last week's 90 rides on Toro, and I'm heading to VA Friday.

By the way I always thought it's pretty cool that your and elsewhere...jibe so well with Great Adventure!


The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

I was there yesterday, I didn't create a topic for a trip report because I didn't think I should post a 4th trip report with it's own thread in less than 2 weeks but I guess I'll just put it here since I already had it written and posted on some Great Adventure sites. It is never that crowded on Sunday's early in the season, even into early June. I guess people are busy with other stuff.


I got to the park a little after 12:00 and the lot wasn't that crowded.From the lot I sat Superman had a long line but Scream Machine was awalk on.

First ride was Nitro, 2 trains running with the line on the stairs so alittle over 5 minutes. I got 2 rides and went to Skull Mountain, 1train wait and I stayed on for a re-ride. The Skyway was closed theentire time I was at the park, that makes it closed for 3 out of 4visits to the park this year.

Blackbeard's was loading with no wait so I stopped there quickly andwent to Frontier Adventures. The Log Flume appeared to have a shortline but with only 12 boats running, it was almost a half hour (Iwouldn't have waited if I knew it wasn't at full capacity). RunawayMine Train had 2 trains running, 1 train wait then I walked around foranother ride and stayed on the train for a 3rd ride.

Bizarro had 2 trains running with very little stacking. The line was at the 30 minute sign and was around 15 minutes.

Rolling Thunder had just the left side open, 1 train wait. Kingda Kahad a station wait but the station was packed today. 3 trains running,it took about 5 minutes to get to the area to pick a row and for somereason the front row line only had an extra 2 train wait (4 train waittotal, but the middle rows were a 2 train wait). A few minutes afterthat the front row line was almost full so I guess it was just one ofthose lucky moments since it was just under 20 minutes total in line.

Scream Machine was running 2 trains, 1 train wait since I didn't wantone of the back rows and I got a re-ride. Superman's line was on thestairs but I didn't feel like riding because it looked like dispatcheswere very slow and I hate being on the brake run with your head tilteddown.

Dark Knight had around a 5 minute wait to get into the pre-show andthen around 10 minutes for the pre-show and line after that. Theywaited until the room was full to start the pre-show and I really wishthere was a way to bypass it since after close to 30 times watching it,it is boring.

Batman had a 1 train wait and I moved to an empty row for a re-ride, Isaw Nitro's line was past the 30 minute sign so it was around 15minutes probably and I had to get home anyway so I left after Batman.

Crowds were a lot lighter than I was expecting, considering it was such a nice day with no clouds and around 75 degrees out.

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