Six Flags Great Adventure 4/16/09

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I'm going to keep this short.

I got to the park around 4:00, the lot was kind of crowded, Superman looked to have about a 45 minute line and GASM looked to be at least 20 minutes.

I went to Nitro first, 2 switchbacks full. 25 minute wait. Batman was closed and I saw it test a few times while waiting for Nitro. Skull Mountain was a station wait. 1 side of the sky ride was running with an almost full queue. Blackbeard's was closed.

Log Flume was closed, Runaway Mine Train was a little over 5 minutes. GASM was down to a station wait just under 10 minutes, Superman was right at the 30 minute sign, ended up being just over 20 minutes.

The Log Flume opened up, 15 minute wait. I saw RMT had a train stuck on the block brake and they had to evacuate it. I took the sky ride back since it was a short wait. Skull Mountain was a 2 train wait, Nitro was down to just under 15 minutes. I got a 2nd ride and was going to get a 3rd ride but it broke down and I didn't want to wait around.

I took the sky ride back to Frontier Adventures and was going to ride Kingda Ka but it was closed. I finished the day at Rolling Thunder. Even though it was only a 3 train wait the dispatches were just as slow as ever. I got in line at 7:53 and got off the ride at 8:13. I saw the green train is taken apart in the work area.

I unfortunately didn't get to see Bizarro test. It seems like rides are breaking down a lot more this season compared to last season. This is my 3rd visit this season and it seems like at any given time multiple rides were closed at once.

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You ARE a hardcore coaster lover to continue to ride Rolling Thunder and Great American Scream Machine. LOL

I've only been to GrAdv once so far, but I was surprised by the UPTIME that most of the coasters (other than Nitro) had. Toro never shut down, Ka was up as long as the wind wasn't bad, RT ran fine, Batman, Dark Knight, etc. Perhaps you've just had some bad luck....I hope it's not a pattern.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

GASM ususally doesn't bother me, it was just a bad day for the ride as someone actually made the comment "look at all the people coming of the ride holding their heads"

Rolling Thunder is something I usually just ride once a trip if it is a short wait but I may be skipping it more often now. They shortened the seatbelts (at least on the red train) and sitting on the brake run between the long dispatches is annoying. It doesn't make sense since dispatches are fast on the other coasters. On GASM yesterday they held the train in the station a few seconds because the other train hadn't gotten far enough and at Superman on Monday they were literally running to check the restraints and both Superman and Nitro had about 75 second dispatches.

mfivs, I noticed the signs being really off too, but I never really related the wait time to planning the day or the shadiness of the flashpass. that you mention it, that IS a tad shady. However, it's always nice to get in line for Nitro and know that that sign is totally off the mark and you'll be riding in 15 minutes. LOL

I've never had a problem with unfriendly staff or garbage around the park. Security typically is really great about line jumpers and people starting a ruckus of some sort or another as well. They're CERTAINLY better than Dorney, but my theory on that is that Dorney's never that crowded, so does anyone really care if a couple kids jump ahead?

Okay, Yoshi, I'm going to check out your NEXT trip report now. You really gotta check out some more parks. LOL

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

I think the signs are off because of Flahpass like you said. I kind of wish they would get rid of them because all it does is annoy people. Like last year at Congo Rapids, a family was going to leave because the line was at the 60 minute sign. I told them it was really only 15 minutes, they thanked me and didn't leave.

The only ones that are somewhat accurate is Dark Knight.

As for going to other parks, I basically only go to Dorney and Great Adventure because of work (I am unable to travel).

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Ah, I hear you. My job is so squirrely (sp?) with the scheduling that it's hard for me to get time off ahead of time, and I can only get two days off at a, I have to request time off months and months ahead. I get to make probably one good trip per year. This year, I can only do Busch Gardens Tampa...I'm trying to talk my boss into letting me have extra time off to go to Kings Island and Cedar Point, but it's not looking great. I was just teasing anyway because of the frequency of your trips. LOL Do you ever get to go to Hershey? That's not too far from Philly if I remember correctly.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

I usually go once a year, sometimes twice. Same with Morey's.

I was going to go to Hershey on Easter but the cold and wind kept me from going and I'm glad I didn't go after I read that only Comet, SDL, Trailblazer and Great Bear were open and waits were bad, SDL was 20 minutes.

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