Six Flags Great Adventure, 4/13/09

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I originally wasn't going to the park today with a large group there today plus it being Spring Break for most schools but with the weather horrible for tomorrow and Wednesday, I decided to take a chance and go from 3:30 - 8:00.

The lot was maybe 40% full, Superman appeared to have about a 20 minute wait looking at the line from the parking lot.

I went to Nitro first, almost into the switchbacks but it was just under 20 minutes until security came up the ride exit with a photograph and pulled someone off the train, I guess they had a camera out or did something bad in the picture so that took a few extra minutes. While waiting for Nitro I saw that Batman was stuck on the lift for a little over 10 minutes. Nitro was amazing as always, it was nice to ride it again since November. The line moved very fast with 3 trains running.

Skull Mountain was a station wait, Buccaneer had a long wait, Blackbeard's had a 2 train wait. You only get 1 lap this season instead of the 2 laps last season which is a shame since the ride is kind of short.

I went to GASM next, the line was a little past the stairs. 10 minutes later I was in the station. On the next train, someone tried to get out of the restraint or wasn't restrained properly which caused the ride op to E-Stop the ride with the train not out of the station yet. They said it would only be a few minutes but close to 15 minutes later they were starting to unload the train in the station and the train on the brake run so I left.

Superman was closed so I went to Rolling Thunder next. Also closed. RMT had a line going down the stairs and the log flume had what looked to be a 30 minute wait despite it being in the mid 50's. They skyride had just opened so I took it back over to Skull Mountain again, 2 train wait and I went to Nitro for 2 more rides, 15 minute waits each time.

Batman looked to have close to a 30 minute line so I skipped it and went to TDK which only had about 10 people waiting outside the pre-show. 10 minutes went by and they didn't let anyone in even though the pre-show room was empty (I saw an employee walk out of the room and didn't see anyone else in there).

It was 6:45 at this point so I went back to Frontier Adventures. The log flume still had a 10 minute wait but I decided to take a chance on getting soaked since I had a jacket on today. I didn't get that wet. RMT was a 1 train wait so I rode that and saw Rolling Thunder was still closed with the blue train in the station and the red train on the lift. Kingda Ka only had 2 trains running and looked to be at least 30 minutes so I skipped it, went back to GASM which was also a 1 train wait. The park was closing in 15 minutes so I finished the day at Superman. It had reopened and was a walk on. I got 5 rides in a row which was nice.

Lines weren't as bad as I was expecting but I didn't get as many rides in as I normally do since it seemed like I spent more time than usual walking around I guess because some of the rides were closed or in the case with GASM, E-Stopped.

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no mention of el toro.... was it open?

It was open, it had an almost full queue when I walked by the entrance.

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