Six Flags Great Adventure: 3/30/02

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Monday, April 1, 2002 2:05 PM

Saturday turned out to be an awesome trip to Great Adventure. I wasn't able to get to the park until 2:30, and I expected the park to be packed being such a nice day. When I pull in the parking lot is fairly empty for SFGAdv. First thing I had to do was get my pass validated which only took about 10 min. which is good for GA. Now onto the rides:

NITRO (2 rides): The line for Nitro was small. The longest we waited was 5 min. one time. We got rides in rows 3 and 2. Nitro was running fast providing great air and more intensity then it did last year. Its broken in well and is still silky smooth.

Batman: The Ride (5 rides): We could've rode this all day. The ride was a complete walk-on and all of our rides were re-rides. Since Batman's lines are usually out of control we took advantage and got five rides in. Batman is a bit rougher, but as intense as ever.

Freefall (2 rides): Got a reride on this one too. Could've stayed on longer but decided to move on. No matter what anyone says, Intiman First Generation freefalls are amazing rides.

Jumping Jack-Flash (1 ride): Yes even this ride was open! The first time we got on, the ride started but broke so we had to get off, but 1/2 hour later when we came back it was running. It's a really fun ride.

Rolling Thunder (1 ride) - The only side open was the right side and it was terrible. If you look back through the forms, I always defended Rolling Thunder. But now it is just a piece of crap. No air, no speed, just rough and slow and practically unbearable. Paint was visably falling of the ride as the train passed over it. My friend and I got a nice load of paint chips blown in our face as well. My sentimental appeal for this coaster is now lost because it is that bad.

Medusa (1 ride): We decided to get a quick ride in the front on this one. The rest of the train was a walk on, but we decided to wait the extra 5-7 min for the front which was worth it. Medusa is getting more intense and powerful each year which is great!

Overall it was a great trip to SFGAdv. the staff was working well and most of the flats were working. Viper was being tested and Chiller was valleyed along its course, and Spinmister is in pieces, but other then that things were running smoothly.


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