Six Flags Great Adventure, 10/24/08

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My initial plan was to get to the rope drop at 5:00. Thanks to some traffic and some lines to get into the park, I got in at 5:05 and went to Batman. It was closed so I went to Nitro instead. 3 trains running and I got 5 rides without leaving the train.

Batman was open, 1 train wait for the back row. It really felt intense today. Dark Knight was a walk on into the pre-show room. About a 10 minute wait total, I was able to get a re-ride as well.

I grabbed 2 walk on Skull Mountain rides which now has the Spider of Doom on it and waited 5 minutes to take the Skyway to Froniter Adventures. Runaway Mine Train was a walk on, 2 rides. Medusa was a station wait. 3 trains running but they were double stacking. The op stapled the restraint so it wasn't that good of a ride tonight.

I took the skyway back since it was a 2 minute wait and went to Blackbeard's. 1 cycle wait. I got the last row and the first drop really slams you to the side of the car if you hold your hands up.

I went to Scream Machine next to check out Superman's line from the ride. Scream Machine was a walk on but Superman looked to be around 40 minutes. I stayed on for 4 total rides. Kingda Ka only had 1 side with 2 trains running and it looked like it was at least a 45 minute wait. Not worth it.

Rolling Thunder had just the right side open. 5 minute wait since I was able to take a flashpass row as there were no flashpass users at the time. I stopped at Tango since the cycle was ending so I had about a 1 minute wait.

Superman's line was a little past the 30 minute sign so I decided to wait. Loading was slow tonight even with 2 trains and it was close to a 25 minute wait. I went back to check Kingda Ka's line since all 4 sides were open. It still looked like a 30 minute wait. I went back to the skyway which had no wait and took another quick walk on lap at Skull Mountain and was going to finish the night at Nitro.

What I saw was shocking. The line was into the switchbacks and looked like it was a 30 - 40 minute wait. The ride only usually gets that kind of line when the park is crowded so it was very surprising to see. I went back to Batman instead. 5 minute wait but it cleared out so I was able to get 3 rides without leaving my seat.

It was 10:50, and I had hoped they still had the line for Nitro open. The line shortened to the hot dog stand. About a 15 minute wait. When the train got back to the station, there were people waiting for the front and back rows. Someone asked if we could stay on the train. The op at the controls said that we couldn't since the park was closed. Another op said we could so I along with a few others stayed on. I don't understand what difference it made if the park was closed. Those rows were just going to go out empty anyway since they were running the ride for the few people left in the station regardless if we re-rode or not.

It was 11:18 when I left the ride which is the latest I have ever been in the park. I noticed all Medusa items are 50% off. I was going to pick up a shirt but I really didn't like the design of either. I was surprised I got as many rides in as I did since it is later in the month already. I guess Friday nights never get that crowded.

Ride Count:
Nitro - 7
Batman - 4
Superman - 1
Medusa - 1
Skull Mountain - 3
Rolling Thunder Right - 1
Runaway Mine Train - 3
The Dark Knight - 2
Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train - 1
Great American Scream Machine - 4
Skyway - 3
Tango - 1

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