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Tuesday, June 12, 2001 8:04 AM
Hey i started the day by going striaght to GASM,what a great ride! After that. i went to medusa. i love that ride. i had to wait in line over1 hour for it. but well worth it. Next, i went to nitro. that is one of the best coasters i have ever been on. so powerful and the speed is great.I had to wait in line over 2 hours for nitro. Afterthat, i went over to batman the ride. i really like that ride. It is really loud. Next, i went over 2 the chiller. i really like batman on the chiller. next, i road some other stuff played some games. And that was my day. it was a great day! *** This post was edited by Josh on 6/12/2001. ***

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