Six Flags Great Adventure (09/15/02)

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Today was our last visit to an amusement park for the year 2002. And it was a terrific day. Basically everything was a walk on. Since you all know about the rides, I will not describe or rate them. This will be kept extremely short.

Batman & Robin: The Chiller (Robin) – 5 rides
· The Batman side was closed, but that was okay. This would be the first time I went on Robin with lapbars. Awesome ride.

Batman: The Ride – 1 ride
· Unfortunately, it’s becoming rough now, and is no longer the shining star it once was with Medusa, Nitro, and B&R: TC with lapbars in the park. Still intense, but it wasn’t worth a second ride. Sad.

Nitro – 4 rides
· Awesome. It was kind of a hassle to get out of line and walk all the way back in line. We couldn’t just re-ride, as there was always a few people in the station waiting. We would have gone on it a lot more if it wasn’t for the tedious journey back.

Great American Scream Machine – 10 rides
· Woo-hoo! That is the most I have ever been on a coaster in one day. The place was absolutely deserted, and I kept re-riding. It was mildly rough, but I had so much fun in each and every ride. I bought an on-ride photo of my 9th time.

Medusa – 5 rides
· Fun. I got a post card of it.

Viper – 1 ride
· You’re travelling so fast after the second heart line roll into the last turn and hill upwards that you feel like you’re going to die. Very reckless. I hate it.

Rodeo Stampede – 1 ride
· I believe this is a Huss Breakdance. First time ever on it. It was mildly amusing.

Total inversions: 142

I didn’t see anything about a new coaster, but then again I wasn’t looking. Any questions or comments?

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Viper is so fast after the second roll I thought it was going to come off the track because the last turn is not even banked but I liked it because of the first drop.

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