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Sunday, June 20, 2004 8:41 PM
I've been itching to ride a roller coaster all this year and when the chance came along to visit Six Flags Great Adventure on June 19th with my friends, I didn't hesitate to say yes. R&B artist Ashanti performing at the park that day helped me make a quick choice.

I arrived at the park between 8:45 - 9:00 A.M. Since I live here in Brooklyn, NY I took the NJ Transit to the park which cost $47.00 including round trip. This is a pretty good deal if considering the fact you have to pay almost $50 to enter the park. At about 9:50 A.M., at the main fountain, that familiar sound I hear on the Six Flags commerical came along with looney tunes characters came on. It made park goers start dancing and taking pictures as the bus circled the fountain. During this time, I decide to see which coaster/ride I would hit first. I thought about going on Superman: Ulitmate Flight first since it's still the newest coaster. The other was go into Movie Town and hit Nitro and start from there. After the Six Flags song finished, the guards dropped the rope and all sides and running of the bulls took place towards Superman: Ulitmate Flight and Nitro. I was craving for airtime and made up my mind that Nitro would be my first ride.

Nitro has been my favorite steel coaster since I rode it back in 2001. Even after riding TTD and MF, it's still my favorite. My first ride of the day was in the front seat. We went up the lift and all I noticed was the few and how I couldnm't wait to be lifted off my seat. Looking down the first hill at the 66 degree angle had me and 3 other front seat riders let out a yell that wouls signal the rest of the train to start yelling/screaming. Throughout the whole ride I experienced airtime and postive g forces. What I love is coasters. After rode I went quickly back to the line and rode the back seat. I recieved the same experienced. My overall ride experience was a 10/10. Nitro, in my list, is tied with TTD for the #1 spot and Phantom's revenge/MF is tied for #2. Wait time:first ride - 10min.

second ride - 5 min.

Next was Batman: The ride which I must mention look ALOT better than last year when I was there. I'm loving the new look. I waited around 15 min. due to train stacking. The overall ride experience was a 9/10.

Batman&Robin: The Chiller was my next coaster ride. I called the park early to see if the batman side would be open and they told me yes. When I saw robin lauching out of the station I didn't want to even ride it for the day since I was to hyped up about rideing batman again. I waited in line for around 15-20. I still love this ride for the zero g roll. It's nothing like I've ever experienced, forward and backwards! The launch was nothing much since I last rode TTD. I left the ride to and saw that it was around 12:20 P.M. The line for Batman&Robin: The Chiller was now starting to go through the lines outside the building.My overall ride experience was a 8/10.

I walked over towards Medusa and was over there for around 20 min. This is still one of the best floorless coasters out. I rode it twice. I could've rode longer but, they were stacking trains making the wait to long for me. My over ride experience was a 9/10. While I was going up the lift on Medusa, I noticed Viper open and went to ride that. I waited in line for Viper for around 10-15min. for a back seat ride. I know people don't like Viper and think it sould be torn down but it's a quick intense ride. I love the the both inversions! My overall ride experience was a 8/10. I think it's way too short. I walked over to the broadwalk section of the park to see how long Superman was and notice I wasn't getting on it at that time. I sould've just went on when the park opened. The line was literally a few feet into the bubble. I turned around and walked to GASM. Of all the times I rode GASM I've never had a bad ride on it. Today, I was in for a surprise. I rode the back seat and while going up the lift, I was looking at the line for Superman. I wasn't paying attention and the train went roaring down the hill. going into the first loop, my head was thrown into the shouldler harnessess like a damn rag doll. I tried holding my head back against the headrest and holding it steady and nothing worked. My head on still moving back and forth. I'm glad I'm 17 becuase if I was other, I think I would've had a serious headache. I later rode it as my last ride thinking that it may have been the train or something but the same thing. Whatever they did last year should come back and stay. My overall ride experience was a 6/10.

On my way back to Medusa, I ran into a girl I know back in NY. She was there with her friends. I was surprised to see her and I hung out with them until around 4:00 P.M. She told me she just got off Meudsa and was not going on it again. I tried forcing her but was not haivng it. So, me and her friend who doeswn't mind riding roller coasters, rode with me.

After that, we went to ride runaway train. I was not trying to ride runaway train because I hate having to cross my legs in it. I'm between 5'10 - 6'0 so I'm getting to tall ride it. She forced me on it saying "I won't talk to you anymore if you don't ride it." I want to be with her realtionship wise and she knows it, so I had to go ride it. I due like the fact how hyped the train operator was being with the people waiting in line. I felt like I was back at Cedar Point at my the Raptor crew and others are like before and after you ride. You can tell he loves his job even though he said it! He made me not even care about the crossing the legs deal. My overall ride experience was a 8/10.

They wanted to ride the log flume once we got off and I was not trying to wait in line for it, it look around 1 hr. in a half, nor get wet without the proper gear. Me and one of her friends agreed to ride Freefall. As we walked towards Freefall I got to talk to her a little bit more and hopefully, she's the one for me. But enough about that, it's time to got back to my report. Freefall was ok compared to what tower rides I've been on since it. We waited around 30 min. for it. My overall experience was a 8/10.

Once I left them and I went back to ride Medusa. At this time they were doing I'm guessing inspection and closed the ride. While they were testing a line quickly filled up. After they finished, I took a front row seat and had a blast screaming my head off! Once I got off, the line for Medusa quickly got even longer making wait time seem about 1 hour. I don't see how Stacking is nesscary on Medusa. I wish Six Flags would take some addivce from Cedar Point. I finished the night off by waiting in line for Superman.I rode Superman 3 times last year when Six Flags had it search for heroes essay contest. The winners were given a season pass, autographs by different celebirites, free breakfast meals, and to be the first riders before the general public. Why did I wait in line for 2 hours just to ride it I had know idea. They were stacking trains and some trains were not even fulled to capacity. I rode the back seat and had a cool time. I still love the pretzel loop inversion and the whole flying effect. I do wish they could've put more elements in the ride but hey, hopefully another park will build a better one. My overall experience was a 8/10.

Since NJ Transit ruined my day by telling us the last bus left at 8:30 P.M., I couldn't see Ashanti who performed at 8:00 P.M. By the time I got off of Superman, it was 7:55 P.M. and I didn't have time to even take a quick look at her performance. I got on the bus and went off to sleep instantly. I was drained for the day. My only problem really with Six Flags Great Adventure is how they handle the rides. It seem like all their coasters had train stacking besides Nitro. Nitro's crew was running like Cedar Point's coasters all day. I think there roller coaster crew could be more live like Cedar Point. Like I said, only Runaway train's operator was doing that. It seemed like everyone didn't want to be there expect one asain guy on Medusa's crew. I never noticed it before but it seems like they reduced prices on games in the park. Eventhough, I couldn't win a huge stuff animal, I got something. I didn't really eat anything except Dipping dots so I can't comment on food pricing. But I needed the day to let loose with all this after school job and stuff back in NYC to deal with. Can't wait till next time!

Thanks for reading. sorry for a long report.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004 10:22 PM
Thats a great Trip Report, Thats cute how you met those girls there that you know. That happened to me before I saw friends @ SFNE and its just odd seing people who live 2 hours away from the park being there @ the same time!
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Sunday, June 20, 2004 10:34 PM
ApolloAndy's avatar My overall TR experience was a 7/10.

A little bit more paragraphing, grammar, and spelling and a bit less "Then I rode this...then I rode that...then I rode that...then I rode that..." would be appreciated.

Glad you had a good day, though and nice to hear that the park is still doing a better job at opening the rides that they do have (though they may not be staffing them well).

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