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I was at SFoT today for opening day and the ride-ops kept promoting a program for season pass holders where you get rewards every time you visit the park. Front of the line passes (uh oh), sports bottles, free drinks, etc.

I vaguely remember hearing about the marketing surveys last fall but I'm kind of curious to know what exactly it is.

Has anyone tried it?

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I participated in the program last season via my SFGAdv Pass. After each "qualifying" visit..early and late season ones didn't count...I got an e-mail with my "reward" to be redeemed next visit. One thing they've apparently done is extend the redemption period which was very short last year. The only reward I was ever able to redeem was the FRONT OF LINE PASS..which they never collected on Toro, so I used it twice :-)

I wished I had the money to use the Season Pass '10 discount, which expired in November. I couldn't put out the money then, and now I'm looking for discounts before opening day.

I had participated in the survey you mentioned before the program started, and they used a couple of my choices. You could call this similar to a casino comp program...the more you visit...and therefore spend..the more you'll be entitled to.


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SFGAd was a test park last year so that is why there were limitations. This year the program is extended to all six flags parks and every visit counts. There are 5 rewards.

Visit 1 - skip the line pass
Visit 2 - free refills all day on sports bottle (or 2 free drinks)
Visit 3 - free parking (or parking upgrade)
Visit 4 - Bring a friend for free pass
Visit 5 - 20% off 2011 season pass

Rewards are giving to you for the park that your pass is for regardless of where you visit. Every season pass holder entered in the reward program. Rewards can be used at any visit during 2010.

What about the people that have KY Kingdom passes?

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They don't get any rewards at all this year. lol

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^Sure they do! As a reward they get a choice of two better parks to visit: Holiday World and Kings Island :)

I hope they give a longer time for the redemption period this year. Last year the rewards expired 4 or 6 weeks from when you earned them which made some of them difficult to use (I earned the skip the line pass right away when the park wasn't crowded and would have rather used it when I really needed it in July)

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I signed up for this last year, but never got the first email from them. We were at SFoG yesterday and heard mention of it. Maybe I will see something in my mailbox soon.

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^ Were there still single train and slow ops when you were at SFOG yesterday? Saturday was absolutely horrendous when it came to waits. There were probably three to four hundred people in front of us in line for Goliath and it took an hour!

* Edit: question answered in another thread

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skyflyer said:
What about the people that have KY Kingdom passes?

I'm curious about this myself, as I bought my 2010 SF season pass at KK in the fall. Funatics rewards and no season pass coupon book either? Darn. Perhaps I'll beg and try to get a coupon book at the first SF park I visit this year (SFStL, probably).

Holders of KK season passes are supposed to be getting 4 "bring a friend free" passes for other SF parks, but I have yet to receive mine. I hope they're not just for specific days.


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