Six Flags Fright Fest and Costumes

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I searched the Six Flags site for info on this, but could not find an answer. I am taking my daughter to Fright Fest at SFGAm next month and she wants to wear a costume to the park. I seem to remember there was some rule against this. Does anyone know if there is in fact a rule against guests wearing costumes or am I just imagining things?

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I think there may, or at least when it comes to masks. My friend bought a Mr. Six mask at SFGAdv one time and was wearing it around the park. No employee said anything to him about wearing it, but a security guard did and wanted him to take it off.

So, if she's gonna wear a costume, just make sure that her face stays looking normal and/or uncovered.

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^ At *most* parks, they don't allow guests to wear costumes simply because they want to be able to easily ID their employees at a glance. Having guests wear costumes too might make it harder to distinugish a guest who needs assistance from an employee who needs termination... ;)

Bring your daughter to PPP instead! :)

at SFKK we encourage guest to wear uniforms.. unless they changed it this year.. which i doubt they did...

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