Six Flags Fiesta Texas announces three new attractions

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From the official site:

The three brand-new attractions include:

  • CYBORG Cyber Revolution creates a visually stunning and air-time-filled ride experience of four individual arms rotating in fast, intermeshing orbits. Riders stay seated upright as the arms swing in a circular motion while the tower rotates around itself.
  • SHAZAM! Tower of Eternity is a rotating family drop tower experience taking riders of all ages to a height of 70 feet before a series of bounce and drop sequences and
  • METROPOLIS Transit Authority allows 16 passengers to relax and enjoy an aerial view 17 feet above DC Universe aboard two Art Deco-covered monorail-style trains.

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The Cyber Revolution is the ride that Zamperla has brought to IAAPA a couple of times. I really like it, it's a lot of fun. The loading can be a little slow, since you can only do half at a time, but I really enjoyed taking a few rides on it.

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Trying to figure out if METROPOLIS Transit Authority is a monorail I.e. what Geauga Lake used to have) or something stationary. Honestly, a ride to just sit and relax for a bit (i.e. the train) is sometimes a nice change, but a capacity of only 16 at a time is not much.

The Nebulaz, 6 so far in the US, was Jolly Rancher the first besides Luna?

It has terrible loading speed at Hershey. Im sure Gear Spin at Carrowinds not better either.

Another Zamperla bundle for coaster people to scoff at...

I assume it an up sized Zamperla Aerial...

The wheels in the very lacking concept art make me think so.

Speaking of can SF not even afford full area renders?

I think The Island at Pigeon Forge may have installed the second Nebulaz. Then Hershey. Maybe.
I’ve was very interested in that ride and then finally saw the one at The Island when I was there in the spring. It seemed a lot smaller, or shorter I should say, than I expected. And loading was a chore- if I owned one I’d load the one half then run a cycle. Then I’d park the opposite cars, unload and load them, then run another cycle in the reverse direction. That way loading isn’t so involved and everyone gets two half-cycles, one in each direction.
Btw, after all that compulsion over the ride I didn’t even get on it. I’ve unlocked a new fear and that is getting motion sickness on a ride. And the line was kind of long. And the rides there are expensive.
Zamperla seems to have a hit with those rides. Maybe it’ll be like Chance’s Chaos with everyone eventually getting one. (And hopefully with better success). I thought one of those and a large Air Race would’ve been a good choice for CP’s Boardwalk. And it’s not too late- there are a couple of spots where they might fit.

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I’m being my usual cheerful, upbeat and positive self!

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Was directed at Sharpel007, who felt so strongly as to post twice.

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I'm an elder of the "capacity" movement but these are flat rides... parks need them and they're never going to be super high capacity. If you try to increase the number of passengers you end up with your Wind Seekers and Black Widows that have 15 minute load/unload cycles.

Zamperla doesn't get a lot of credit, and deservingly so, but they did hit a home run with the Nebulaz ride. Not only is it fun to ride, but it's also got visual appeal -- I can't remember the last time I've seen a flat ride that regularly attracts an audience.

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It reminds me of the old Tampico Tumbler at Knotts, but with a bigger radius. Unfortunately, every time I've been to Luna Park it's been closed.

^ I have yet to ride a Nebulaz, but I also thought it had a similar look to the Tampico Tumbler. Last time I rode a Zierer Hekentanz (sp?) was at the Mall of America in 2010, and then I got to ride Knott's Tumbler WAY back in 1988. It was such a cool ride. Massive airtime as the cars spun over the top, wicked forces, and insane visuals due to how close the cars were to each other. It was also one of the only rides I can remember that allowed for both forwards (the ride base) and backwards (the cars) motion at the same time. Really wish the ride would have caught on more as it was a blast. Now I just need to ride a Nebulaz, which I'm sure won't be hard to do in the coming years. More and more parks will most likely pick one up, so good on Zamperla!

Hexentanz (Witch’s Dance) or Fireball, the version for the American market appeared only 3 times in North America as far as I know. I rode the one at the Mall, the one at Puyallup/Western Washington/Washington State Fair/ and Knott’s. Puyallup’s ride was permanent and I was surprised to see it- I had no idea. It was also in terrible shape, kind of dull and rusty and some of the cars didn’t “work”, but you can believe I climbed up on it. A few times. I’m not sure it’s still there anymore. The Mall’s ride was fun (it’s gone now) and the one at Knott’s was being refurbished when I was there. It’s gone now too. There is at least one that still travels Europe and it really hauls through its long, multi-direction cycle.
Fun fact - the original rides had a little bend at the top of the center post that caused the entire structure to tilt once it climbed to the top, Wave Swinger-style. A guy from Zierer told me the feature was taken out of production because they felt that it didn’t add much to the ride. (I begged to differ but didn’t know how to say it in German)

I miss flying carpets and would be happy if Zamperla wanted to work on a modern one.

For the life of me I don’t understand why in America we never got Breakdance, I think maybe one SF park has one? It’s huge in Europe.

I saw somewhere a post about CP needing a Zamperla Air Race on The Boardwalk. I’m kind of stunned they didn’t install that this year given the history of Glenn Curtiss flying from Euclid Beach Park to Cedar Point’s beach.

I’m not certain that reference is first on everyone’s mind but it’s interesting. Glenn Curtiss’ Flying Machine. Or something. There’s a good place behind the Coliseum where the 3 Point game is now.
Breakdance showed up in several Six Flags parks and most of those are Rodeo themed rides. Texas, America, and Great America all had/have one. Adventureland Iowa, Elitch, Kentucky Kingdom, and Cali Great America all have one too. In the US they’re most common as traveling carnival pieces. The original Huss rides came in several sizes and configurations and the big ones were beasts to move. Other manufacturers make them and some are better than others. I like the Huss rides for their angled mounts where the tubs stand on their nose as they spin around. Crazy Dance is a common name for the generic traveling rides.

I saw somewhere a post about CP needing a Zamperla Air Race on The Boardwalk. I’m kind of stunned they didn’t install that this year

I still think the swath of grass to left of the pavilion and behind Wild Mouse can fit a decent sized flat.

I was just pointing out they are hardly new, and not known for quick turn around, which considering going into a SF park means even longer wait times.

And I am fine with SF adding more flats, and doing smart cap ex, but certain enthusiast not so much.

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