Six Flags Fiesta Texas announces SkyScreamer

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[Ed. note: The following is an excerpt of a press release. -J]

Six Flags Fiesta Texas revealed plans today to give guests more to scream about in 2012 with the introduction of SkyScreamer. The newest sensation in tower rides, SkyScreamer joins the park’s already spectacular lineup of thrills as it takes guests skyward, high above the park. The addition of SkyScreamer continues Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ tradition of providing thrilling rides and award-winning live entertainment. A selection of new and returning show favorites will also be featured in 2012.

Towering 200-ft. above the ground, SkyScreamer will surpass the height of the park’s quarry walls. Thirty-two guests will board the ride and sit two across in open air swings as they climb to the top of the SkyScreamer tower while spinning round and round. At full swing, guests will soar in a 98-ft. circle at speeds of 40 mph with the rest of the park far below their dangling feet.

“SkyScreamer will provide a breathtaking, panoramic view towering above our unique park setting. From the vantage point of these thrilling, open-air swings, guests will have an unusual birds’ eye perspective of the San Antonio skyline as they soar to new heights,” stated Park President Martin Bozer.

By day, guests will have an aerial view for miles past the cliff walls and even into downtown. By night, SkyScreamer will provide a totally different experience. SkyScreamer will take flight in Spring 2012.

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Six Flags announcements are all the rage in the forums today... except this one.

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All da SFFT homeparkers say HOOOOO!

(Crickets chirping...)

I think it's the least popular SF ride addition because it's already been done at many other SF and CF parks, and it's "only" 200 ft. If I lived near this park, I'd be excited for it anyways. :)

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Most (if not all) of the Funtime versions SF has been putting in have been shorter than the Mondial versions CF is installing.

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I think I would find being in Wave Swinger-style seats at 200' more thrilling/scary than being in the WindSeeker seats at 300'. Then again I haven't been on either so what do I know?


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