Six Flags Fiesta Texas 7/13 & 7/14

We got up early in morning to drive from Arlington to San Antonio. Pretty uneventful drive. However the super sized huge ass gas station along the way piqued my curiosity. If I go back to that area, I may have to stop and check it out.

We arrived around 10:15 and were saddened to see they don't open the turnstiles until 10:30. Oh well. The crowds were pretty light and we didn't have any agenda.

Poltergeist. When we first got there, it was down and they were unloading people off the break run. Should've called the news. About 10 years ago I went on the indoor version at Kings Island. This ride is good, and it's nice seeing where you're going.

Whirligig. Classic wave swinger good times.

Twister. This top spin runs cycle 4. Flips and a face plant. I'm not a fan of top spins much but since my buddy is big on the one at Elitch's we had to ride this one.

Pandemonium. This one had a short line the whole time we were there, we rode several times. Once it was just the two of us, that thing spun like crazy. Elitch should get one of these.

Scooby Doo Ghost Blasters. I usually suck at the shoot em ups. But I scored 1600 and 990. Like wow!

Waverunner. Classic scrambler ride. I could ride all day.

Frisbee. The original and not floorless. We rode the one at SFDK last year and got kinda sick. Tried our luck on this one and didn't feel the same. Don't know why but I'll take it.

Boomerang. Boom #5 in my roster. No complaints but only rode it once.

Goliath. It's fun forwards but I think I like backwards better.

Roadrunner Express. I guess it's supposed to be like a mine train. It's fun, there's a couple head choppers along the way.

Iron Rattler. This ride totally kicks ass, like the NTG. Again since my buddy couldn't ride, I only went on it once. The mist in the tunnel kinda stung my eyes.

Scream! Smaller version of the one at SFOT. Still fun.

Hustler. Tea cups but with pool ball on a giant "pool table". I liked the theme.

Bugs White water rapids. I had no idea this ride existed. It's a cool little flume ride with a medieval kind of theme. You don't get too wet unless you sit in the front right side. We marathoned this for awhile on day 2. Super fun and awesome when there isn't a line.

Superman Krpyton Coaster. I liked how they incorporated the rock wall with their coasters. Makes for a unique experience.

SkyScreamer. Not as big as the one at SFOT but it seats more people and is just as fun.

Gullywasher. Rapids rides are fun. A few of the effects get you nice and wet and if you're in the right spot the last waterfall can nail you. At least it feels good in the Texas weather.

Rockin at Rockville High. We saw this show once on Sunday and once on Monday. The Sunday version was better, there were set changes and a story line. Classic old 50s and 60s music sung by the stereotypical teens. The Monday version all took place in front of the school and the jock was MIA.

Ovation. This was a really good show. I don't know much about Broadway but they mostly used song that were taken from pop culture and used in shows. I wasn't expecting such a big production with so many performers, I can see why it's dark during the week.

Lone Star nights. Fireworks, lasers, and projection on the rock wall. It was a good show. It panders to the Texas crowd but that's expected especially with a name called Lone Star Nights and since it's a Texas park.

We stayed at a Baymont Inn and Suites, it was cheaper than the crap hole we stayed at in Arlington and was much nicer.

We also went downtown and checked out the Alamo. I was hoping to see the basement, but no such luck.

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