Six Flags Fiesta Texas 6/8/07 102 Coasters at 15

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Well my sister, my dad and I all went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas for the first time and it was a special event being my sister and mine 100th roller coasters.

So the first target of the day was Superman The Krypton Coaster, which was an awsome coaster. We sat in the second to last row and the ride was good except the vibrations and the train stacking. Awsome setting for the ride and very fun.

Next was Tony Hawks Big Spin. This ride is out in the back of the park, and was decently themed. The line was about 10 minutes and was still inside the queue house and only filled up on straight line. This ride was good got me a little sick spinning at the end but overall ok.

After those two coasters we went and rode The Ferris Wheel, Scooby Doo Ghost Blasters, Rollershuhcoaster and then the Scream S&S Tower.

Then it was on too Poltergeist where it was a one train wait. I thought I saw a fellow enthusiast waiting because he was wearing a shirt that was from SFOT which might just be a person who went to SFOT, but if it was one of you guys I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did at SFFT. Poltergeist was kind of rough and pretty lame for the launch.

After that we went and ate lunch at the cafe next to Poltergeist. The food was overpriced, 6.99 for a chicken finger, curly fries, a juice box, and a yogurt packet.

Next my dad and I waited for my sister to ride bumper cars and then it was off to Rattler to get my 100th credit.

Rattler was not as bad as I thought. After reading tons of reviews about how to ride without being totally beaten up. The scenery was nice and the queue line was very narrow but no train wait. We got on and the wood right in front of the station was like this ______/_ not a good sign. The only bad part of the ride was the first hill and turn and the straight away going into the triple helix. Whoever put that brake right before the helix is any friend of mine. The helix was rough with the brake but, not that bad. The rest of the ride was ok. Finally danger! We were sitting on the second block break and the car in front of us was stuck between the station and first block break, while the third train was going through the circuit, so I was kind of scared and then the ride operators came and pushed the train into the station.

Next we went to ride the Roadrunner Express which was a little herky jerky but it wasntbad. Then on too my sisters 100th credit and my 102 was the Boomerang and the only problem with this was the trains. They were so tight I couldnt get my arm out on the farside of the train and in the middle of the head rest was a big lump so it was either oneside or the other for my head. Another problem was the ride operators had to push the train into the station on this one too.

The day ended with us riding Bugs Bunny log flume which was very nice, Superman one more time where where they were running three trains but, letting one run empty, and finished with a nice fun family bumper cars ride.

The park is the nicest themed and looking park in the SF chain. I recomend this park to anyone looking for a family experience and also the chance to get some fun coasters in and some credits. Another awsome thing was we brought our drink cup to the park and you could get these wrist bands for unlimited refills for 5 bucks. Nice job Six Flags.

The problems were the constant stacking of trains and a few of the trains having to be pushed back into the station.

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