Six Flags Fiesta Texas 2023 Plans

New for 2023 for Six Flags Fiesta Texas will be the world's first family single-rail racing coaster and an expansion for their water park "White Water Bay". Because of this addition Fiesta Texas will be the first park in the world with more then one single rail coasters with the first being Wonder Woman Golden Lasso COaster which was added back in 2018. The coaster will be manufactured by Skyline Attractions (the same company that produce Tidal Twister and the now defunct Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster).

The waterpark expansion will have a new kid's area with 11 new slides and raft rides. Some of these slides will be kid-friendly versions of TornadoWave, Tornado 12 and ProRacer rides. This annoucement came after Fiesta Texas opened Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger a B&M Dive Coaster (first for a Six Flags park) back in July. Damn Six Flags Fiesta Texas is lucky! Let's hope the coaster won't be a disaster like Tidal Twister and especially Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster. Who's excited for 2023?

Honestly a bit surprised they worked with them again after HQ.

I assume they cut them a great deal.

I suspect it was like KI's Bat and Vortex back in the 1980's. Here's a replacement, please don't sue the &^%* out of us.

The entire ride is going to be wrapped in Skyline's new Aurora Light Package which basically is a giant LED video board. Between the weather and the vibrations from the ride there's no way that works for more than a couple months, right?

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Fairground rides have had lighting packages for decades and are subject to the same weather and movement. This doesn't seem like a huge leap to me. They may however need to clean the panels of grease periodically which could get ugly looking at some point.

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