Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Iron Rattler Review

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I'll skip all the other details of the day, mostly because I don't remember, but also because there just wasn't that much remarkable. It was a good day and the boys had their first taste of a water park, but since they could do anything except the kids splash area, even that wasn't too remarkable.

So Iron Rattler:

Got front row first train of the day for a couple reasons:

a) I have a much more liberal interpretation of "Don't run" than most
b) I run really fast and can do so longer than most people
c) I know my way around most parks
d) I care enough to actually do the other 3

Maybe kind of lame, but hey, front row first train. Then got back row after a 2 train wait and then back row after about 15 minutes.

Overall I thought it was a very good but not great ride.

The first drop was excellent, especially in the back and the double up into overbank was a solid combo with good air. The curved drop into the zero-g was nice but nothing to write home about.

The helix at the top of the quarry wall was really just kind of "meh." That entire section felt a bit slow and the 90 degree banked hill, especially the one banking the wrong way felt really awkward. It was sort of a "what the heck was that doing there moment" but not in a good way. For comparison, the 90 degree banked hill on Outlaw Run was one of my favorite moments from that ride. It was taken fast enough that there was solid air which made it a "Holy crap!" moment instead of a "Now I'm bored, but on my side" moment.

A decent air hill and then a monstrous drop off the wall with copious air, especially in the back. Charging through the tunnel in the mist was great but I wish the terrain left an chance from them to do something more. It just didn't have that crazy airtime moment where you think you're going do die, ala NTG's tunnels. A quick hop up into the brakes and the ride is over.

It's a little bit on the short side, too.

Of the RMC rides I've ridden (the three US rides that are currently open) I'd put it a distant third. Both Outlaw Run and NTG had moments where I was flying out of my seat convinced I was going to crash into something or that the train was doing something it was not designed to do. Additionally neither of those rides had any moment where I thought, "Hm...this could have been better" though the rolls on Outlaw Run got a little old after the 4th or 5th lap. Iron Rattler felt like it just had a few too many missed opportunities.

That said, I'll still give it a low 5 stars out of 5 on Coasterbuzz and it slots just outside my top 10 steel, grouped with Xcelerator, RnRC, Sheikra, and Revenge of the Mummy in the "So close, but not quite one of the best" category.

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It has taken me until today to finally figure out what old email account info was on my profile.

Anyways, I rode IR last year. My experience was quite the opposite of yours.

I rode in the back, after a break down, and they cycled the two trains empty for several laps. And, the weather was warm, in the afternoon.

So, I don't know if front/back, cold/warm, last/this year or whatever makes a difference but it does make me curious if I would have shared the same opinion if I had ridden next to you.

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