Six Flags Fiesta Texas - 3/25/06

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Had never been to the park before, so really had no idea what to expect...other than the season pass that I had purchased only ran $54!

Anyways, what a nice looking park - really has to be one of the most unique in that it resides in a quarry. The high stone walls surround the entire park/parking lot, a really neat effect.

I guess I had read so much, but I was still shocked at the small amount of rides and attractions. They had mentioned that the water park (which will open in early May) had just been renovated and added a slide - and that's included with the regular park admission - so that will add to the list of things to do.

As far as rides, we hit just a few. Out of the ones we hit, I'd have to say Rattler was the best. A really impressive rollercoaster to look at - and it was a great ride as well. I've not seen/ridden half as many coasters as most who check out this site, but it was as impressive a wooden coaster that I have ever seen. I'd have to say Viper at Six Flags Great America gives a better overall ride, but this ride was really something to look at.

Also hit Superman, once again a really impressive ride to look at. As Rattler does, this ride utilizes the gigantic stone walls - a really neat extra (especially when you think about coasters that are put up in parking lots). They were running three trains, so there wasn't much of a wait at all. One thing that was odd was the entrance/exit - you almost feel like you're taking the "back way" to get on the ride (I guess you'd only know what I mean if you've been there yourself).

Poltergeist was a really unique ride as well (at least for me). Really like the launch out of the station - it's a nice quick launch down a straight track right into the "mess" of track. Was definitely a bit rough, but a cool ride.

Scream was a cool ride - I had never actually gotten the chance to try one of these towers, and it's really neat getting both the launch UP and DOWN the tower. Very cool.

Didn't have a chance to ride Boomerang as it was down for a bit (as was Rattler in the morning), but I'm not a huge fan of those types of rides anyways.

Did ride the train - was pleasant, but doesn't really provide a full circle of the park, therefore making it a pretty quick trip. While I have no idea if this park has ever had one, who the heck decided that sky rides should go away? Seems like there's not many around anymore - and I miss them (although I'd be able to cope if the beloved Sky Whirl concept made a return ;) ).

Overall, really pretty and clean park - though it really is small and (unless you do shows) doesn't seem like an all day thing. The theming of the different areas really impressed me - as did the staff. Everyone we encountered seemed friendly and happy to help.

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Overall, really pretty and clean park.The theming of the different areas really impressed me - as did the staff. Everyone we encountered seemed friendly and happy to help.

Good to hear. :)

Can't wait to read more and more of these SF TR's as this season starts kicking into gear.

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Yah, staff seemed really nice (and those who weren't over the top nice at least weren't rude or have a scowl on their face). I had not been there before, so I can't say whether this was a new thing or business as usual.

One other thing, in regards to the season pass, was that I was a bit disappointed that the price at the park ($54 plus tax) was the same price I paid online. Not that I was mad about not getting a better deal online, but the fact that it took three phone calls and two emails to actually get the Print-n-Go tickets to print on my end! So, after all that frustration I could have just bought the season passes at the park for the same price (I guess I should have asked if there was a discount for doing it online, but I just assumed there was some reason for doing it online - other than the convenience of it). All that said, the process of getting into the park then processing the pass was fairly smooth and not too crowded.

Six Flags Fiest Texas was on the newest Best Of Theme Parts 2006. They said such nice things about a Six Flags park, I was amazed. I've never been to this one and really hope it stay's open long enough that I can make my way down there.
I'm surprised to hear you say it was a small park, as they do have a pretty good collection of flat rides. You didn't mention anything about the mine train, the Sally dark ride or the Hopkins super flume. Did you miss all those? If all you do is coasters, then I suppose the park will be a dissapointment, but if you add up all the flat rides and show venues along with the coasters and flumes, I think they have a well-rounded package. I have no problem finding things to do to spend an entire day in the park even when I don't do the waterpark.
I was also surprised that he made no mention of the mine train. It is my second favorite (behind the River King Mine Train at STStL). I found the flats to be better than I expected with the Frisbee being very intense. Der Twister is another good flat.
I honestly didn't think the flat ride offering was that great...we did hit a few, though. Perhaps it was the lack of the park being packed (resulting in fairly quick lines) that made it "seem" that there wasn't a lot.

We did stop by the one show "Teatro Fiesta", and I have to say that theme park shows are usually not up my alley, and this one just didn't do it for me. Definitely not to say that a lot of folks weren't enjoying it, it's just not my cup of tea is all.

While it wasn't cold, it wasn't hot either - so water rides like Gully Washer weren't high on the to-do list (although I have to say that I've really gotten to the point where being wet all day just isn't that appealing).

As far as the mine train (which is right next to Rattler), I did see it but decided to take a pass as the wait for Rattler was a bit long (compared to other waits during the day) and we just didn't feel like waiting it out. And as far as the Scooby-Doo dark ride, I have to admit I just blew it. I wasn't aware of it, didn't notice it on the map, and must have just walked right past it! I've only been on one of those type rides (at DisneyWorld), and have to say they are entertaining and fun (will have to make sure to hit it next time).

I definitely don't mean to knock the park (as I think it was the cleanest and most well run park I've been to - well in a tie with Six Flags Great America anyways), it's just that the overall variety didn't seem to be there for me. That said, I actually just looked it up and realized that this park is only 15 or so years old! While I obviously didn't do a land survey while I was there, it seems to me that they have some land to work with and will be able to build on (both in coasters/rides AND themed areas/attractions) to the great park they've built so far!

This is the park that I think will benefit the most from the new regime's approach to family entertainment and theming. It's already got a nice family feel, great atmosphere, friendly employees and isn't overrun with coaster track everywhere. It's easliy (along with SFOT) my favorite Six Flags park by far. Those two parks rank rank right up there with the best parks in the country imo. That's why I hate it when people lump all the SF parks all together. They are NOT all the same. In fact, at least a third of them seem to have wandered in from another chain...;)

The fact that it's in Texas is just as added bonus as people in Texas just seem friendlier than anywhere else. *** Edited 3/27/2006 9:48:23 PM UTC by DWeaver***

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I think SFFT was just MILES ahead of the rest of the chain in terms of ALREADY being "a Disney alternative".

This park was ALREADY there, and should serve as a model...not overwhelming you with tons of rides, but friendliness, cleanliness, great shows, fantastic theming, etc....

And the rides that they have, are good! S:KC is one of two inverting B&Ms in my steel top ten, Polty is *best of breed* among the N American LIM-bowls, and RoadRunner Express is the most kick-butt mine train going... :)

Well, sounds like I missed out on the mine train - will make it a must-do on the next trip to San Antonio for sure. I will also be sure to consult my park map to insure that I make Scooby-Doo.

DWeaver, I do have to agree about it being nice that the place isn't crowded out by coaster track everywhere - I do, however, think there can be a balance at that park. Once again, not sure how much actual land they would have to expand into, but whatever it is they do have a nice blueprint on how to integrate theming and cleanliness with monster coasters and thrill rides.

I guess my concern would be that there WAS quite a bit of "younger folks" there that obviously were going after the "big" rides -- what happens when the parking lot really fills up and there's only half a dozen rides for those who desire them? I imagine LONG lines/wait times, but I guess those that have gone before would have a better idea. Places like Magic Mountain/Great Adventure/Great America have a nice handful of rides to eat up the "big ride" folks when the overall volume of the park rises...I just don't know how SFFT handles really busy days.

Anyways, thanks for the tips/input - duly noted for the next trip!

Like DWeaver, said SFFT and SFOT are my two favorite Six Flags parks. They are clean, nice, have good rides and coasters, and the employees are great. I agree that the park is a little small but I also think that they have great rides, shows, and roller coasters. IMO this park never disapoints and that is why I keep coming back even though I live in California. Glad to hear a great TR too after all of this SF bashing.:)
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MrSkyWhirl - I wouldn't worry about the crowds being too big at SFFT. The San Antonio metropolitan area is just a tad over 1 million people, and they have two major amusement parks and a waterpark (Schlitterbahn) to share the crowds. SeaWorld still attracts more guests than SFFT and it only has two major coasters.

But I do agree with you - the park is a little on the small side and there aren't a ton of rides. But in this market, that's fine. They're really not going to draw any more people than they're drawing now unless the population increases significantly. I say it often... it's a shame the S.A. parks aren't open year-round. Staffing sure seems to be a problem at SFFT, though. Hit the park in the fall after school starts, and there aren't many people there to work the rides.

I'd love nothing more than to see the park demolish Rattler and replace it with a hyper.
'gator's right: this park is a hidden gem. If you haven't been there yet, make a point of dropping by.

That TR is consistent even with the Burke-era TRs of SFFT. It's always been much better run than nearly any other SF park.

SFFT is a good park. Unfortunetly, new rides havn't been added since 2000. I love the setting, and I love Superman! Good park in general. Sounds like you had a good time.
Is SFFT's Chance Chaos still there? I heard there was one. And you are wrong about no new rides. The Sally dark ride was added in 2002 I think, and then the waterpark got some stuff. BTW, is Der Twister a Top Spin?

John Moore

I haven't been there this year yet, but during Fiesta Fest, the Chaos was not running. During the Q&A the park's GM confirmed that Six Flags was going to remove all the Chaos rides from their parks. I'm guessing it's gone by now.

You are correct, the Scooby dark ride was added in 2002 and yes, Der Twister is a Top Spin.

rollergator said:
I think SFFT was just MILES ahead of the rest of the chain in terms of ALREADY being "a Disney alternative"

I really have to agree with you on that comment - and it didn't strike me until you made it. This park really didn't feel like a "typical" Six Flags park - it did feel like Disney where every little bit of theming is important. You can tell that the park was designed, and is maintained, with theming being of the utmost importance.

Nice call.

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Thanks, they pay me pretty well to make these kinds of observations! ;)

Seriously, 2hostyl needs to get a theme-park consulting business plan together, I can't keep working for the State of FL, I'm going broke too fast. It DOES help the kids, I just can't afford to live *and* travel... ;)

I always found SFFT clean, freindly workers, and a unique setting with good shows. Again, like others stated. SFFT is a hiden gem.
SFFT is one of the top SF parks by far. The lines are never as long as lines at other parks and the atmosphere is more relaxed for sure. The park is beautiful!!!

RoadRunner Express and Superman are for sure two must-rides at the park, and if you're in for a thrill and are willing to shell out a few extra bucks, I suggest riding the Tempest.

This year Fiesta Texas has a fast pass- something which they've never done before... The park definately has room to grow, but I guess the focus this year was on their Water Park, which is introducing three new slides. They just did the Tornado a couple years ago though.... Wish they'd throw in a new coaster in the Boardwalk area... It's a little empty over there since they got rid of the Joker ride (and that was 5 years ago!)

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