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This was my first trip since I was about six years old, so everything was all new to me. I went on August the 5th, and the 6th!

The Park:

SFFT is a rather clean park with great theming and a great layout. The staff were wonderful, and they did a great job operating the 'coasters and other attractions. Since I went to the park for two days, I got to ride everything I wanted to and more! The lines were never long, and I think the longest I ever waited was about ten minutes!

I like the overall look of this park, with the Mexican-looking buildings, and especially the 100 foot quarry wall. There's plenty of shade, and some nice water rides you can ride to cool off.

The Rollercoasters: Rating between 1 and 10

Superman: Krypton Coaster--------10

For me, this ride was the most fun since Millennium Force! It was my fourth B&M, and my first floorless! The drop is incredible, and the forst loop at I think 132 feet is breathtaking! You really feel like you're going to fall out. The 70 MPH speed is incredible especially in the front. One of my favorite parts was the Zero-G Roll! I felt weightless through the whole thing. Superman has a nice quick Cobra-Roll, and an awesome drop after the mid-station brakes. The interlocking corkscrews are wicked fast and you get a nice pop of airtime heading into the final brakes. Overall a nice, incredibly smooth rollercoaster, now my second favorite after Millennium Force!


Wow! What a fast launch! This ride never lets up, and it has plenty of head-choppers. I'm sure it's much better with the edition of lapbars, and i really like this ride. My favorite parts were how it had so many quick changes in direction, and its super-fast speed!


This ride may look small, but when your at the top, you can see the whole park. Boomerang took me by surprise, as it was fast, intense, and actually really smooth. The first drop after being lifted up the spike, makes your stomach go to your head. I wasn't expecting much with this ride, as I had heard from some people that it wasn't that fun. But i really liked it!

Roadrunner Express--------8

Is this supposed to be a kidde coaster? I thought this ride was great, and it had lots of lateral G-Forces! The only problem with this ride is the fact that the lift hill is so freakin' fast. It's like the speed of Millennium Force's lift hill. I like how this ride weaves in and out of itself, and Rattler.


OW! This ride hurt! There isn't a single smooth part of this ride except the lift hill, and it looses too much speed right before the strangely bizaare (Spelling?) helix. I had a head-ache after this ride, and my body hurt all over - I was so happy when it was finally over, and I could get off! It had a great layout and it would be so much fun if it were smooth. I think what surprised me about this ride, was the fact that it was so tall! When your up there, everything looks so small!

Joker's Revenge--------0

This ride was closed both days, and looks as though the park may not be keeping it for much longer!

Der Rollchucoaster--------0

As this was the most boring kiddie coaster I had ever seen, I didn't even come close to riding it!

Overall the coasters were very great, and I enjoyed most of them. I did ride a few thrill rides that I had never been on before, too! The Frisbee was surprisingly good fun, and so was the S.S. Overboard! The wagon wheel was pretty fun, and I think its funny that you actually stay in without falling out! I also like gravitrons now, even thought the one at SFFT is so short. Luckily the ride operators let us ride twice!

Overall this park is great! I had so much fun, and I can't wait to go back next year!

I Survived Millennium Force!

1.) Millennium Force 2.) Steel Eel 3.) Raptor 4.) Mantis 5.) Magnum XL-200

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I'm glad to see more people appriciating SFFT, because I think it is one of the best parks they own. It is VERY unique, quite fun, and has two of my favorite rides (Poltergeist & Superman.)

Nice TR, by the way. If you were interested, Joker's Revenge isn't worth any wait anyway.

I wish I could go here on my upcoming trip. I'll be squeezing in some coasters at SFOT on the 21st or 22nd, and I had wanted to hit SFFT too but those losers are going to their weekend-only schedule starting that week. That SUCKS!!! One of those things that just really pisses me off...I may never get over the idea of a park going to its off-season schedule in mid-August. Anyway, I'm sure it's a good park (was there a year ago this past spring but got rained out :(); I just wanted to vent about their (IMO) poor scheduling... :(

PLEASE READ: This post wasn't meant to offend or anger anyone; I apologize in advance if it does. So please don't post a reply just to rant about it. :)

If it worked, I changed my signature. It might not have worked though for some reason or another. I tried to update my track count, but it said that i have to be a member of the Coasterbuzz Club. I have done my track record before, but it won't let me now! Can anyone please help me?

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Joker's Revenge is closed for the year. Nice TR!


I also found SFFT to be perhaps the most unique park experience I've ever had...

Superman:KC was simply awesome (especially the zero-g roll!) and I fell in love with the Scream towers and the Frisbee!

Did you ride the log flume? It's one of the best of its kind...

I also share your opinion on Rattler...

SFFT needs some kind of suspended/inverted/flying coaster... preferably a BeemaFlyer... those quarry walls could be used to great effect on a flyer!


Yes, Valpengeist, I did ride the log flume. It was great, and you get a nice pop of airtime on the drops! Fiesta Texas is a very unique park! The buildings look fantastic, and I can't get over the fact that the quarry walls have such a great effect on the coasters...Especially Superman! I didn't put in all the rides I rode on those two days, but I did include all of the coasters! Thanks for the replies, and I hope anyone who reads this gets a chance to visit this fantastic park!

Oh yeah! I also think the park could use a B&M flying coaster! There's no point in getting a Vekoma SLC becuase SFAW is so close, and a Batman clone is just ten minutes down the road! I don't see the park getting a DeJavu (Spelling?) clone or an Impulse coaster, so I think they will get a Flyer! I sure hope so!

Superman: Krypton Coaster----Just Ride It

1.) Millennium Force 2.) Superman: Krypton Coaster 3.) Steel Eel 4.) Raptor 5.) Mantis

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