Six Flag's Failures

Tuesday, November 19, 2002 6:04 PM
It seems like in the eighties Bally really tried to help revitalize communities by investing in some different attractions. All of these are now defunct, but I was wondering... were there anymore than these three?

Six Flags Atlantis - Hollywood FL
Six Flags Autoworld - Flint MI
Six Flags Powerplant - Baltimore MD**

Did anyone here at CoasterBuzz actually get to go to these places?

**the Powerplant in Baltimore is actually a great attraction now that Six Flags lost it and a developer took over and brought in things like the Hard Rock Cafe, etc.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2002 6:29 PM
I remember going to Autoworld, but I was so young, I don't remember what was there.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2002 6:29 PM
Actually, the Power Plant became a huge dance club with four rooms with all the themeing intact for a while, than it became what it is today–[insert the name of your big city here], another generic entertainment/big box store complex.
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Tuesday, November 19, 2002 6:41 PM

Six Flags even owned 800 acres just west of Cincinati at one time.

They sold it after deciding on doing SFWOA or SFO or SF GEUAGA or whatever it's name will be next year.

Last time I herd about the land is that it was a major site prospect for some auto manufacturing.


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Tuesday, November 19, 2002 6:59 PM
I *believe* they've decided on SFBNO, Chuck.....;)
Tuesday, November 19, 2002 7:45 PM

Six Flags Busts in New Orleans?

Eveytime I see SFNO these days, I first think SBNO.


Tuesday, November 19, 2002 9:43 PM

I never went to AutoWorld but I do have memories....

How could that be? Well, because an extremely hot classmate in high school used to dance and sing at one of the shows. Hot as in you would think I was drawing Jessica Rabbit hot. Problem was, she was involved with a guy who was a very good friend so I was always on my best behavior. During my senior year he moved away but (as I said) he was a very good friend so I sat next to her in English class all year and behaved myself too. Talk about torture.

I don't think the job paid diddly but she had a great time. The park was on the skids and I think near the end of her tenure ('85) they spent the last few weeks interjecting songs of their choice as it made no difference what they did.

At least the two of them got married after high school. I wonder if she still has my entry in her yearbook. Somehow I doubt it since it may have been the only time I even came close to admitting the truth.


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Tuesday, November 19, 2002 10:50 PM

I went to Autoworld twice. The live show was pretty good, we went back later in the day to see it again. Of course there really was not very much else to do there. I don't remember the show being offered the first year. I still have a brochure with a map tucked away somewhere.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002 2:08 AM

Never went to AutoWorld as I didn't live in Flint when it was open but there is renderings of Autowaorld at Flint's Sloan museum and they show Autoworld flanked with two COASTERS! One is a wooden out-n-back and the other a shuttle looper. I think there were other rides shown as well. That would have been sooooooo cool had that become a reality (although it probably wouldn't have lasted too long in Flint)--especially because I work right next to where AutoWorld was located....

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002 2:29 AM

Some of the other AutoWorld attractions that I remember:

* The Great Race: a dark ride featuring a cast of animated characters involved in an old-time auto race.

* The Humorous History of Automobility: another dark ride featuring a look back at the evolution of the automobile. The music was quite catchy if I recall.

* "Speed": shown in their rather large IMAX theater.

There was also an Eli Ferris Wheel, a Carousel (Chance?) and a bumper car ride in the main dome, a large car museum featuring "concept cars of the future", a food court, shopping, shows, and for some reason I remember talking to a horse at AutoWorld.... and since I was only 14, I don't think I was drunk!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002 12:10 PM

I went to Six Flags Atlantis in Florida, it was my first waterpark... I loved it. All of the slides were in this big, intertwining mess. I don't really remember much about it since I was so young. I was actually doubting myself that the place actually existed as a part of Six Flags, until I found this:

then I was redeemed that it wasn't just my imagination.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002 1:25 PM
LMAO. Power Plant?!? Those are some bad names.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002 1:48 PM
I actually went to the Power Plant, though I remember little, I was only about ten at the time. It was located in an old power plant, thus the name, right next door to the National Aquarium. It is now a B&N and an ESPN Zone.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002 7:13 PM

Six Flags Atlantis was a decent water park at the time. Nothing fancy and well before the Schlitterbahn and Blizzard Beach parks raised the bar on what water parks can be.

It wasn't too far from there that the last -- maybe only -- amusement park in South Florida closed in the 1970s. Pirates. No, it wasn't Six Flags. I just went once when I was five, just before the closed the place down, but it's been a long dry spell down here. It's why 850,000 people show up for the county fair every March.

We've been teased with a park out on Watson Island -- then one on Miami Beach -- and in the 1990s it was Blockbuster/Wayne Huizenga that was set to build an amusement park down here (before it got gobbled up by Viacom). It'll happen one day. Hope I'm still young enough to ride when it happens!


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