Six Flags Exclusive Adventure

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Oh my god! They're actually trying it! (to a degree)

"Your Night. Your Park. Ever thought about having Six Flags Great Adventure all to yourself? Then you don't want to miss Six Flags Exclusive Adventure, Friday, September 7.

On this special day, we're limiting attendance so you and your family can have quick access to everything Six Flags Great Adventure has to offer. With fewer people in the park, you'll be able to get on your favorite rides right away. Ride all you want for seven hours — til you just can't ride any more!

Access to Six Flags Exclusive Adventure is $299 each for this exclusive event. Hurry before tickets sell out!"

(more information)

I think it's just a test run for the future business plan. ;) ;)

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Limited, sure...but to how many?
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Only the first 20,000 people through the gates.
I think it's a great idea but I'm not sure about that price though. For the same price I'd rather do the $299 VIP thing and get a full day 10-10 with a guide than a half day. Plus since there will be limited lines I can't stick my tongue out at all the people waiting in line I just skipped. :op
That's exactly what I'd want to know too Moosh. It doesn't mention anywhere how many people they are letting in the gates at that price.
Tsk, tsk, tsk. I'm disappointed in you, Gonch. You failed to mention that the free parking, popcorn, fountain drinks, and cotton candy really aren't "free."

Can somebody sign up that night for the VIP tour for only $249?

20,000 is not a number that I'd consider an Exclusive Adventure. They are probably still selling the Flash Pass to really get to ride. ;)
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I'm sorry. My post above stating "only" 20,000 was just my sarcastic humor. Don't read any more into it. I forgot the :) and ;) .
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You failed to mention that the free parking, popcorn, fountain drinks, and cotton candy really aren't "free."

With the price tag attached, I didn't even think I had to. :)

Limited, sure...but to how many?

That's a good question. Although at $299 I don't think it'll be much of a problem.

Of course they might turn around and say the drinks are free, but the cup will cost you $10. :) I wouldn't put it past them.

Question: has GADv traditionally been open on Fridays after Labor Day, or is this a new thing? Just wondering whether some uninformed people might stumble in only to find they need to fork over 3 Benjamins apiece to get past the gates.

"Hurry before tickets run out?"

I don't see that happening. Are there really 20,000 (or so) people who would be willing to spend $300 bucks for admission to SFGAdv on a Friday afternoon when they could buy a Gold Q-Bot any day and get an even better experience for a lot less money? How many people visit the park on a average day? The park seemed very busy every time I've been there, but I thought it was because of the fact that half of the rides were always down. A lot of recent TR's have stated that the lines were much shorter now.

I mean, $300? Thats almost 5 six day passes...or 5 one day non-discounted admissions...or 50 large Cokes. lol If they sell 20% (?) less tickets at that price, they'll break even, which is what they want.

Looks like they've been reading Gonch's posts. lol

You know, by the year 2020 it'll probably BE $300 to get into the park, right Gonch. I can't wait.

I don't understand why they give away the gate in some cases and charge insanely high prices in other cases. I'm not complaining, I just don't get it. *** Edited 8/11/2007 5:27:06 AM UTC by dexter***

I have this crazy belief that Six Flags will still try, and make a profit from the idiots who just spent $299 dollars, and sell the Q-Bots during this exclusive night.
I think you can put 1000 guests in that park, and it still would feel pretty “empty”. Assuming they can find 1000 New Yorkers to shell out 300 bucks each, that’s a quick $300,000 gross on a day that the park would have done squat. If it works, it will be interesting to see who else follows. $300 for a SF park…probably not. $300 for BGE or Magic Kingdom….maybe… Remember....Discovery Cove has been doing this for years.
mfvis is probably on to something. This is probably the day for dream night winners. They have to open the park but have to clear it before 5 PM. So they come up with the idea to sell access at a high rate to make it worth the while to open and test all the rides for the really exclusive event later in then day. Still wonder how many $299 tix they will or could sell.

Oops, just looked at the hours for this and they are the same as the dream night - so now if this is the day for dream night, SFGADV is screwing the dream night winners who were supposed to have exclusive access for a night. Still wonder how many tix they will sell.

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I foresee a lot of empty trains going out.

You know, I am not against this at all, just so it doesn't become an everyday thing. Like hanging and Banging said, Discovery Cove has been doing this for years, except that it's everyday.

And the price is high enough that I don't think it will screw the Dream Night winners out of anything, because I don't think the park is expecting any of the rides to form lines.

Is anyone thinking about going?

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Is this really the same night as the Dream Nite? Can someone point me to where that info is?

If so, that's total crap.

As far as the price and how many people would pay for this - I think we'd be surprised at how many would participate if this was heavily promoted.

Lord Gonchar said:

As far as the price and how many people would pay for this - I think we'd be surprised at how many would participate if this was heavily promoted.

I agree. Especially in the NY/NJ/Philadelphia area. Lots of folks in the region that have more money than they know what to do with.

Skyboxes, fractional jet ownership & and $1500 Yankee tickets sell for a reason! This is loosely related.

They had a story on Inside Edition the other night about a parking spot in New York City that cost someone around $225,000 and the person would've paid more! The price of apartments and condos in NYC is outrageous, so I think they're would be plenty of people willing to plop down the money to avoid the "others."

My sister and brother-in-law live in NYC and I know she wouldn't go to Great Adventure again (she hasn't been since Viper was installed), unless she knew that the crowd was more upperclass. I think the $299 ticket would guarantee that.

^ Does this mean she assumes that having more money means better manners and behavior? Or does she mean that when people push past her in line she'll smell more expensive cologne and have clothing with designer labels brush against her?

So let's say this "exclusive adventure" is some kind of success. What do you think the next step would be? Blackout dates on the calendar for "Rich Folks Days?" Maybe every Friday? Or whichever day(s) the well to do demand be theirs? $5000 EA season passes?

For $300 does everybody win Whack-a-Mole? Will they actually install normal sized basketball rims and use regulation basketballs for EA days?

Those rims are fine. You 'ain't got no game'. You mind your own business on the games end.

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